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Shipping Solutions

Shipping Solutions export software is the fast, easy and accurate way to complete your export documents. Shipping Solutions automates the process of completing more than two dozen standard export forms, print them out on plain paper or email directly from the software, and allows you to file your export information electronically through the Automated Export System (AES). The advanced Shipping Solutions Professional version also includes another dozen export forms, lets you import orders from your company’s accounting or ERP system, and includes an Export Compliance Module. The Export Compliance Module makes it easy to check what documents are required for the country you are shipping to, screen your products against the U.S. Export Administration Regulations to determine whether or not you need to apply for an export license, and screen all the parties in your export transactions against all the U.S. restricted party list. You can download a free trial version of the software from the Shipping Solutions website (www.shippsolutions.com/freetrial) or by calling Shipping Solutions at 1-888-890-7447.

For more information, contact:

Shipping Solutions

PO Box 22267

Eagan, MN 55122

Telephone: 651-905-1727

Fax: 651-905-1827

E-mail: info@intermart-inc.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Export Form Software from LawFirmSoftware automates export and transportation document preparation and printing. Common information is transferred within the forms eliminating the need for redundant typing. Print professional looking, compliant, laser-quality documents quickly and easily.


445 Godwin Avenue

Midland Park, NJ 07432

Phone: 201-639-5050

Fax: 201-639-5005

Email: sales@iesltd.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact: George Manolis VP, Commercial Development

Since 1989, IES’ transportation solutions have targeted forwarders, NVOCCs, Customs brokers and other transportation intermediaries looking for advanced systems to manage growth, differentiate their service and improve profitability. IES is known for the complete integration and automation of creating, managing and clearing an international shipment. IES is the proven solution for the most demanding logistics automation needs. Over 700 customers worldwide.

Business Management Systems (BMS)


Air Export: Provides complete facilities for the rating, preparation and tracking of Air Waybills. In addition, it includes automatic Sales Reporting functions for all airlines, whether or not on CASS.

Ocean Export: Provides for the logging of Ocean export shipments and handles LCL, FCL, NVOCC and Master Bills of Lading. A template system is available which speeds the entry of repeat shipments.

Import Break-Bulk: Permits the logging of multiple House Bills for Air or Ocean Incoming Consolidations. The shipment is handled under one file number. Each House bill is treated as a sub-file of the Master bill. The system permits and tracks multiple invoices per House bill.

Import/ABI: Provides a completely flexible means of accurately logging shipments, obtaining USCS releases, submitting Entry Summary data, printing required USCS forms, tracking document submissions, calculating and remitting duties, taxes and fees, and tracking liquidations and protests.

Warehouse Withdrawal: Provides for the entry, tracking and withdrawal of Customer inventories in Bonded Warehouses. Entries are handled through the Part Number system.

TradeBeam, Inc.

TradeBeam manufacturer’s logistical software that streamlines global trading processes.

TradeBeam’s software solutions consist of three business process modules and a supporting platform. These three modules cover what is required to automate the three key functions of a trade:

Order Management: Provides sales and purchase order support, insurance, compliance, credit, inventory and contract checking.

Shipment: Provides advanced ship notice, packing list and bill of lading processing, collaboration management, status monitoring and customs clearing.

Settlement: Provides invoice and letter of credit processing, dispute management and payment.

TradePoint Systems - a Kewill Company

Export - Freight Forwarding, Compliance, Document Production Systems Freight Forwarding systems include comprehensive quoting, document handling, scheduling, and warehouse control capabilities. Compliance systems perform mandated regulatory compliance checks on export shipments, including screening for Restricted Parties, Embargoed Countries, and License Determination. Complete export documentation production solution produces all standard export document sets to provide the means for compliance with the varied international documentation requirements and regulations.

Import/Export - Track & Trace Systems Integrated Internet tracking systems provide customers and trading partners with an expanded view of shipping activity and access to a variety of shipment tracking data and related shipping documents resulting in a higher level of service. Our Internet-based products allow for basic shipment tracking, and build through a number of additional options, towards a full end-to-end logistics collaborative PO-based tracking system involving customers and partners worldwide. Groups or partners can utilize the system to develop their own consortiums or private label agent networks.

Editrade Software Products

Air Manifest: Software for Airlines, Container Freight Stations, and Freight Forwarders that puts you online with US Customs Air Automated Manifest System (AAMS). Eliminates the use on many paper documents and also connects you to several other benefits otherwise not received.

Customs Link: Prepares your import documentation and connects you directly to Automated Broker Interface and also makes invoicing your customer quick and easy, while providing you with an array of reporting. You can also import and export data to and from other computers and send files electronically to outport brokers.

Drawback Filer: Allows you to enter only the information Customs requires you to submit via ABI. The Drawback Filer then formats your information for submission.

Exits Inc.

Quick Assistant for Export Documentation: Designed for office use by non-technical staff. The system leads the user through the export documentation process one step at a time. After a short time, the user is able to complete the documentation process in a fraction of the time spent in the past. Includes the following: 24 Export Forms, relational database, mainframe connectivity, improve customer service, reduce data entry, lower transaction Costs, laser printing technology, EDI Formats, NAFTA forms, accurate & flexible, improve operational efficiency, master templates, and quick representative transactions

Export Forms Co.

Export ProWriter 5.0: Creates new forms quickly and easily and allows you to copy a previously completed form and make the necessary changes when preparing shipments. Then saves completed forms for later review and calculates extensions and invoice totals. HELP program is field specific, which means help is directed toward your current field. It has system default to assist filling out new forms and allows you to preset and save default parameters. File Purge allows you to delete saved files. Database allows you to save pertinent customer and product information and to transfer your keyed data from one form to another.

Fuglei & Associates

Customs Info featuring ClassIt - This is a complete, easy to use, world searchable database of Customs rulings, regulations, laws, and tariff information. This CD ROM tool was the first of its kind and is now also on The Internet. It contains more binding rulings than any other.

Integrated Trade Systems, Inc.

TRADEsolutions: Automates the entire process with a collection of modules that tightly integrate trading partner, product, order and shipment information, and automatically generates all export forms and documents and keeps your shipment status up to the minute. It gives you complete control of the shipping process. Its intuitive graphical user interface disguises the underlying power of client/server technology. What's more, it handles multiple languages, dangerous goods and a host of other essential items that often are overlooked in so-called high-performance systems. And our integrated communications package lets you transmit documents to each trading partner via fax, e-mail, XML or EDI.

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC World Business Organization)

Incoterms 2000: An in-depth CD Rom tutorial which provides information on Incoterms through interactive guided tours, an information browser, and a search facility. Perfectly suited to people needing detailed knowledge of Incoterms 2000. Also, the ICC sells many other books on all aspects of international.

Metra Corporation

Ex-Port: With 20 years of foreign trade experience and the coveted Presidential "E" award for export excellence, brings to you this high-level, full-featured, versatile, customizable application. Export is the first export software for Windows; the only software developed by exporters for exporters, and the only software written and re-written, revised, upgraded, tested, debugged and used in an export office environment on a continuous basis for the last 18 years. The US versions include Export for ETC's, trading companies, Export for forwarders, and Export for manufacturers.

NextLinx Corporation

NextLinx provides leading global trade solutions that help companies simplify, automate and accelerate buying and selling around the world. We bring trading participants together in our collaborative environment, Trade Collaborator(tm). This flexible product suite can be used to calculate, define and produce all of the information required for global business-total landed cost¸ HS/non-HS classification, license determination, denied party screening and the documentation required by business and governments.

NextLinx's Global Knowledge(tm), the most comprehensive and accurate database of global content and rules in the industry, powers each of our solutions. NextLinx supports every type of business, from the largest global corporations to new and upcoming B2B, portals, hubs and marketplaces.

Trade Collaborator offers both software and hosted solutions including Trade Export, Trade Agreements: NAFTA, Trade Import and Trade Fusion.

Global TradePlace: It has everything you need to support global trade in one convenient, Internet resource. At the Global TradePlace!", you'll have access to Global Manager!", a unique and flexible product suite that enables you to screen for denied parties, determine required licenses, product documentation, determine landed costs, classify goods quickly and accurately, fulfill orders, and manage data.

Trade Export - Export intelligently, increase compliance, reduce costs and maximize efforts. Manage your orders from order to delivery: screen your products and customers, determine licenses, manage letters of credit, generate documents and archive everything.

Trade Agreements: NAFTA - Utilize global trade agreements to their fullest, saving your company millions. Track inventory down to the line item, from country of origin through delivery and qualify your products for preferential tariffs.

Trade Import - Provides a comprehensive solution for the supply chain by managing your import process. Maintain compliance with prevailing governmental regulations of the United States and other countries by managing information regarding your imports, submitting all required documentation and collaborating with your trading partners.

Trade Fusion - Trade Fusion provides answers to your global trade questions, enabling you to do business around the world instantaneously.

Office Automation Systems (OAS)

OAS Freight: Designed specifically for freight forwarding companies. It accommodates the operational, financial and management requirements of processing domestic and international air, and ocean shipments. OAS Freight modules include Quote, Booking, International Documents, Master Bill, Invoice, Accounting and Status.

OAS Trade: Handles the documentation requirements of international trading companies and the international departments of manufacturing firms. OAS Trade modules include Purchases, Sales, Inventory, Distribution, Accounting and Status.

Precision Software

TRA/X Global Shipping Software: A truly integrated Global Logistics solution allowing companies to better manage and control the movement of goods both in domestic and international markets. TRA/X is the proven International Trade Logistics solution, used by many multinationals worldwide to optimize their shipping efficiencies.

TRA/X Global Forwarding Software: Allows companies to manage all freight operations by ocean, air, & road in the global marketplace. TRA/X can be implemented by large Freight Forwarders but is also highly suitable for Third Party Logistics providers. A major benefit of TRA/X Global Forwarding software is the ability to have detailed web-based Tracking and Tracing of shipments.

TRA/X Global Parcel Software: Provides specific functionality required by companies who ship their goods either domestically or internationally by parcel. This is a particularly high growth area reflecting the need to quickly fulfill the increasing amount of orders placed over the Internet.

HR4: HR4 Human Resource Management is a powerful system that provides for detailed and comprehensive processing of your entire employee related information for AS/400 platforms.

Fomrsfutura: Developed to allow the users of XM4e and TRA/X to use HP compatible printers for forms overlay in the production of documentation.

NexgenEuro: Automated euro-enablement tool for BPCS, which quickly transforms your BPCS system to support EMU regulations for currency conversions. Also performs file conversions and adds euro conversion visibility. Compatible with BPCS Versions 2.0 through 6.X including BPCS CD 4.05, modified BPCS programs and programs written to supplement BPCS, there is no need to invest time and money upgrading to a different version of BPCS or to a new software package.

XM4e: An AS/400 based Shipment Management system which allows companies to better manage and control the movement of goods, resulting in improvements in their logistics function. Regardless of the nature, complexity or volumes involved in your shipping/transportation operation, it can be tailored and configured specifically to your needs.

QRS Corportation

Collaboration and Commerce Platform: The Tradeweave Collaboration & Commerce Platform offers companies a unified system to source, merchandise, conduct commerce and track product information. Companies are able to access, over the Internet or via a private network, software and web applications used to support this complex collaborative process.

Business Intelligence: Tradeweave Business Intelligence Solutions enables companies to leverage important product and consumer information in their strategic and tactical decision making process. This product, pricing, sales and inventory information is accessed in real-time by our customers to enable them to make decisions that affect performance.

Messaging Exchange: Tradeweave Message Exchange provides the crucial infrastructure to allow retailers and their trading partners to exchange critical business documents and information electronically; thereby reducing administrative costs and improving the timeliness of information by automating the transmission of critical business documents such as purchase orders, advanced ship notices and invoices.

FedEx Trade Networks Services

With FedEx Trade Networks, you get more than 100 years of know-how on your side. We help customers of all sizes solve the intricacies of shipping goods globally by providing outstanding customs brokerage, international freight forwarding, export documentation, distribution, cargo insurance, and eCommerce and trade facilitation solutions. You can utilize these core offerings individually as needed, or as a single, comprehensive package.

UNZ & Co.

Electronic Export Forms Library: Saves your information for use in completing future forms and maintains an electronic inventory file of previously completed forms. Also provides a drop-down list of key terms.

Export Software Version 4.0: High quality, pre-printed laser bond forms ensure regulatory compliance. "Intellichoice" prompts you to use the correct forms for your shipment and your product descriptions and customer information are stored for repeat use in your own mini databases. Multiple-user licenses allow convenient data sharing and an on-screen HELP menu and tutorial for software and form completion are also provided. All transactions are saved for future review, or to copy and create new transactions.

Shippers Export Declaration Version 2.0: Produces your SEDs on your computer and prints out the government approved SED form on your laser, ink-jet or bubble jet printer. Completed transaction records can be stored to create your own database of exporters/shippers, freight forwarders, consignees and shipped items.

U.S. Certificate of Origin for Exports to Israel: Produces the "official" green form at your own printer. Fill in the form on-screen; print out as many copies as you need, then store the information in your customized database. The US Certificate of Origin for Exports to Israel is the most current available and features the official "green field."

Shippers Letter of Instructions Version 2.0: Make sure the correct information goes to your agent or freight forwarder. Use the software to ensure accuracy and to produce and print the Shipper's Export Declaration (SED).

Emergency Response Hazmat/Standard Bills of Lading: Two forms in one software package: bill of lading and emergency response hazmat bill of lading.

Hazard Declarations: Software includes: IATA Dangerous Goods Declaration, IMO Dangerous Goods Declaration, and the IATA Non-Restricted Declaration. Special enhancements and features streamline preparation and cut the time you spend creating detailed records for your shipments of hazardous materials. Your completed forms and transaction records can be saved to create your own customized database.

World Trade Systems

TradeStarter: Provides the necessary infrastructure for your system. From there you can add on modules for your needs, or a fully customized system.

Export Management System (AES): Speeds the process of electronic filing for shipper's export declarations.

Denied Party Screening: Enables you to screen your orders and validate that the participants involved in your shipping process are either able to be involved in the shipping process or are able to receive shipments from you.

Licensing: Allows you to determine if licenses are needed for an order, add management capability for a given license, and apply licenses or license exceptions to an order.

Import Management System (ABI): Automated required filing of import information with US Customs' Automated Broker Interface.

Packing: Provides a powerful cross-reference capability between shipments (invoices) and the physical packing process.

Duty Drawback: Automates the compiling of data required for the filing of duty drawback.

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