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April 26-28, 2017
London, UK

Registration for this event is closed


Innovation in Infrastructure Security (I3S)

The U.S. Commercial Service in the United Kingdom (UK) is pleased to invite U.S. firms to participate in the second annual Business Forum focused on Innovation in Infrastructure Security (I3S). This Business Forum is targeted at U.S. companies with cyber and physical security solutions for critical national infrastructure and will present significant business and informational opportunities to them.

The I3S Forum will highlight broad business opportunities for supply chain development and specific regional market intelligence. The program includes seminars, market briefings, networking events, and site visits in order to:

  • Introduce U.S Suppliers and Service Providers to key stakeholders and decision makers in the UK;
  • Explain local procurement processes and policies to position U.S. firms for success;
  • Showcase innovative and sustainable U.S. products and services;
  • Help participants to understand implications of Brexit; and
  • Assist U.S. firms with strategic development and identification of regional opportunities.

The I3S Business Forum will focus on products and services able to protect the following types of critical national infrastructure:

  • Transport (including roads, airports, rail, mass transportation, ports, etc.);
  • Utilities (including energy, water, data);
  • Financial Services; and
  • Government


The I3S Business Forum 2017 will take place in London, UK from Wednesday April 26 to Friday 28. The I3S delegates will:

  • Participate in country briefings, seminars and workshops with key public sector decision makers, and private-sector industry contacts, including potential trading partners;
  • Be part of the innovation showcase to key stakeholders;
  • Attend networking breaks, lunches and receptions;
  • Join a site visit; and
  • Receive a market brief and list of project opportunities

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Why the UK?

The ease of doing business in the UK, coupled with a financially-sound pipeline of infrastructure mega-projects, makes the UK market ideal for small and large firms. Regardless of Brexit, the UK remains the fifth largest economy in the world and the UK security market is growing in both the physical and cyber subsectors. Specifically, the UK has estimated 2015 GDP of 2.8 trillion USD and is a major international trading power. It is also the number one service export market for the U.S. and the fifth largest export market for U.S. goods.

The UK security market continues to benefit from the focus on national security and counter terrorism and the need to guard national critical infrastructure. The constant terrorism threat raises the need for new technology and product innovation. The U.S. security market is highly advanced and leads the world in the implementation of new security technology. Innovative U.S. product and service firms have excellent opportunities for supply chain development, subcontracting and JV partnerships.

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Who should attend?

The I3S Business Forum will be of interest to U.S. companies providing highly competitive and/or innovative products or services that have an interest in learning more about UK market opportunities. The target sectors are Cyber and Physical Security solutions for infrastructure.

Developed in collaboration with the UK industry, below is a list of the most pressing security challenges faced by critical national infrastructure operators. The following table can be used as guidance on what types of companies will be considered for the program:



Technology examples


Cyber-attacks and physical espionage on critical infrastructure

Protection against cyber-security attacks on control software and rogue hardware installations


Cloud security – data breaches, broken authentication, account hijacking, permanent data loss, shared technology risks, etc.

Protection of cloud based data and communications


Internet of Things – threats to increasingly connected devices and communications

Protection of wireless communications and security equipment


Conflicting requirements on security screening -  detailed, but fast

Security screening – improved speed and convenience, biometric


Risks of attacks in crowded areas, crowd screening and security

Crowd management and security in crowded areas


Resource and time intensity of physical protection of large areas in difficult conditions

Physical protection of assets – large areas, ‘moving’ assets, including indoor navigation/tracking, low light conditions


Reliance on manned control of surveillance outputs

Intelligent/predictive surveillance, video analytics


Protection against UAVs-led attacks

Anti-drone systems


Terrorist attacks - explosives

Blast proofing, containment


New and unknown threats

Predictive strategic security

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How to register


  • $2,400 for first attendee of each company
  • $700 for each additional company attendee

Spaces are limited.

Submit your application by contacting:

April Redmon
Senior International Trade Specialist
U.S. Commercial Service Virginia and Washington, DC
Tel: +1 703-235-0103
E-mail: april.redmon@trade.gov

Kristina Schaferova
International Business Advisor
U.S. Commercial Service UK
Tel: +44 (0)207 894 0459
E-mail: Kristina.Schaferova@trade.gov

Registration for this event is closed

Event flyer

Click here to download the I3S Business Forum flyer.


I3S Business Forum hashtag: #I3BizForum

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