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The Corporate Executive Office (CEO) Program is a trade show program designed to offer small and medium sized companies an opportunity to have high-level engagement at African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa. The CEO Program is a specific area on the trade show floor (generally located within or next to the USA Pavilion) that is subdivided into meeting space (with tables and chairs, one set per each U.S. company), business center (internet access, small desk, etc.) and small lounge/seating area.

AUW and PGAF – The Largest Energy Exhibition in Africa

The 20th annual African Utility Week (AUW) is the leading conference and trade exhibition for African power, energy and water professionals. As an exciting new development this year, POWERGEN Africa (PGAF) will be co-located with AUW, adding an expanded focus on generation (Including renewables, off grid, fossil fuels and nuclear) while still concentrating on transmission and distribution (including metering), new technologies (including storage, mini grids, micro grids, IOT and ICT systems) and of course water.

The CEO program is an alternative to the traditional trade show booth and offers a unique, cost-effective way for companies to participate. The program provides an incubator type platform for a company to experience the show and participate at a lower cost than the usual trade show booth and provides an assisted participation opportunity for U.S. companies to get to know the show and meet with key contacts in the market.

Participants in the CEO Program are allowed to display small table-top products, samples, or brochures. The CEO Program is meant to be a base of operations, allowing participants more flexibility to participate in key events and activities at the show.

  • 1 Delegation Pass and 30% Discount on additional Passes
  • Semi-private meeting space in CEO Pavilion (part of overall U.S.A. Pavilion). Space will include tables and chairs,
  • One-on-one targeted meetings with key decision makers,
  • Shared office center with receptionist and hospitality services,
  • Exclusive co-location with USAID’s Power Africa Team
  • Pre-show promotion across Africa,
  • Onsite assistant to help navigate AUW and PGAF experience,
  • Travel/Logistics guidance.

April 10, 2020


  • Mlamli Mjambana, Commercial Specialist, U.S. Commercial Service, South Africa, U.S. Department of Commerce, +2711-290-3103 | Mlamli.Mjambana@trade.gov
  • Danielle Caltabiano, Energy Team Leader, U.S. Commercial Service, Houston, +1-281-228-5655 | Danielle.Caltabiano@trade.gov

  • Megan Taylor, Commercial Outreach Coordinator, USAID, Power Africa, +2712-452-2056 | metaylor@usaid.gov

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