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Internship Opportunities

CS Singapore is delighted to host student volunteers from the United States and Singapore.

Application Deadline:

Summer Internship – February 1

Internships during other times of the year – three months prior to start date

CS Singapore internships are challenging and rewarding experiences that help interns gain an understanding of the business climate in Singapore and the region. Each of our interns works with CS staff on a variety of jobs and projects in supporting American companies looking to expand their business in this region. Interns typically conduct market research, assist in developing customized solutions for our clients and support trade events.

The internship period is a minimum of 90 days. We are not able to pay our interns or to compensate them for travel, housing or any other expenses. Our interns must be U.S. Citizens, Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents and enrolled full-time as a student. Ideal candidates are studying international business or international relations, either as undergraduate students in their third or fourth year or doing their masters. All of our interns must undergo background/police checks in order to gain access to the Embassy. This is not a security clearance.

The closing date for the Summer Internship Program is Feb 1. We will conduct a telephone interview with all eligible candidates shortly after the closing date. To apply, please send the following documents to Ms. Luanne Theseira. The telephone number is 65/6476-9037; fax: 65/6476-9080; e-mail: Luanne.theseira@trade.gov.

  • Cover Letter, including availability, tentative start dates and end dates.
  • Copy of up-to-date Resume, including contact number.
  • Copy of up-to-date Transcript (unofficial or official).

Intern Testimonials

Roselyn Cantu

Internship Year 2017

Claremont McKenna College: International Relations and Gender Studies

It has been a pleasure interning with CS Singapore and I’ll never forget the incredible experiences that this internship offered. In the span of 3 months, I have learned so much from my talented colleagues, supervisors, and mentors about all the functions within the U.S. Commercial Services in Singapore and ASEAN that help to carry out their mission successfully.

Every week presented itself with new opportunities and challenges to learn new skills and I was fortunate to have such a supportive, friendly team to work with, whether that be preparing for the next tradeshow or drafting a briefing memo. I enjoyed sitting in to conference calls and hearing business matchmaking in action and also shadowing trade counselling sessions between our well-versed trade experts and clients. Through my own market and news research, I have been exposed to a wide variety of current trends and advancements in the international market. I find it especially fascinating to learn about the hot topics that I would not be explored in a traditional classroom setting such as information communication technology (ICT), FinTech, InsurTech, cybersecurity, and Smart Nation in Singapore and ASEAN. Not only have I had the opportunity to work with my supervisors and their industry focus, but I have also learned alongside other commercial specialists with their trade expertise of other industry sectors, such as healthcare, aerospace, and tourism. Working at the crossroads of brilliant people from different professional backgrounds in international trade has widened my horizons to all the possible career paths in International Relations that I had not known before.

During one of my most memorable times as an intern, I contributed to an intern team collaboration on a research database and booklet to be published on Powerful Singaporeans who have charted Singapore’s Forbes Top 50 and other influential groups for future leaders to connect with. We all worked on this project for over several weeks, and through this journey I have learned about remarkable contributions that Singapore’s top leaders have made and their inspiring stories of how their success transpired. Who knew that you can become a billionaire from massage chairs or paint?!

I am extremely grateful for the Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies and the Peter Adams International Internship Program through Claremont McKenna College for fully funding my summer internship in Singapore and giving me the opportunity to learn alongside commercial specialists and Foreign Service Officers. Since this internship was unpaid, the Peter Adams International award was my only source of funding. My internship experience at CS Singapore has been fruitful and invaluable, and I highly recommend students studying International Relations or Business to apply for this unique opportunity.

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