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The administration of [Strathmore University –] [United States International University – USIU], agree to partner with the Commercial Section of the U.S. Embassy in Kenya (Embassy) in a student attachment program to promote U.S. commercial objectives in the region and to provide training opportunities for the students.


1) Provide [institution] students with real-world marketing, research, and reporting skills

2) Improve the overall Africa-U.S. relationship by creating new person-to-person business

relationships based on mutual benefit and trust

3) Increase the number of local firms participating in the Embassy’s on-line “business

directory” for worldwide users

4) Confirm student activity results based on his/her mentor’s achievement of their specific

goals and objectives.

Program term:

By semester (i.e., January–March, April–June, July–September, October-December) throughout the year.

Strategy and rationale:

To ensure sufficient manpower to fulfill priority objectives in an era of decreasing resources, the U.S. Embassy Nairobi’s Commercial Section partners with local private universities who will provide student volunteers. Students will be asked to assist with routine administration and to create objective results using the following basic framework:

1) Approach (or be approached by) a local firm and identify a need that can be satisfied by purchasing a U.S.-origin good or service, resolving a trade issue or complaint with a U.S. company, and provide the relevant U.S. contacts that could satisfy that demand;

2) Follow-up on trade enquiries received as assigned by CS Kenya specialist;

3) Perform at least one or more market research reports in a mentor’s portfolio of industry sectors;

4) Assist specialists with recruiting industry contacts as subscribers to the new website program;

5) Participate in CS outreach events or representation activities as and when they occur and promote CS programs and activities to attendees as directed

Procedural overview

[Strathmore/USIU] advertises the program to prospective student participants in targeted study programs and year groups. Applications are submitted to a committee that assesses nominees a month before commencement of the volunteer period. One week before the start of the program, CS staff conducts an orientation session for the students at the Embassy, explaining the role of the Commercial Section, proposed details of the program, and Embassy working guidelines. On commencement, each student will be assigned to a mentor to develop a work plan and objectives to be achieved within the volunteer period. The work plan, list of objectives, and a waiver document will be signed by the volunteers (see addendum).

The U.S. Embassy shall:

  • Provide Embassy point of contact for the program
  • Receive from the institution at the start of each semester a list of student participants
  • Provide students with Embassy “mentor” contact information (by industrial sector)
  • Provide students with supplemental guidance/advice/information as appropriate
  • Issue and present incentives to students upon completion of internship

The University shall:

  • Advertise the program to all students enrolled in commerce, business, or related courses
  • Receive applications from students, assess them, and select those with the greatest potential
  • Provide the Embassy with lists of participants at the start of every semester

Student participants shall:

  • Attend initial training orientation
  • Follow all guidance provided by CS staff and institution faculty members
  • Provide timely feedback to the mentor / CS staff on assigned tasks and duties
  • Notify the program coordinator / mentor of any changes in their individual schedules

Additional Terms and Conditions:

This program is a zero-budget program and participants need to fully understand that there will be no monetary remuneration or allowances. Students will be responsible for meeting all costs associated with participating in the program including transport and food expenses. During the internship period, students shall be regarded as ordinary visitors and subjected to all of the same entrance requirements as other Embassy visitors

How long does the application process take?

Application can take up to three months to process. Please ensure you have enough time before submitting your application.


Staff and student interns

Interns testimonials

“My internship at Global market has been rewarding. I gained a lot under the leadership of GM employees especially from the tasks assigned to me which enabled me to sharpen my professional skills and knowledge. I am now more conversed with the work environment/ culture and can easily adjust to any work environment. I feel confident that my experience at GM has transformed me into a valuable human capital and will continue to serve me well in all that I do.”

  • Njoroge - USIU

“I learned more in my three months with the Global Market Office than in any one year in a classroom, and I felt important and useful to office staff. I have been lucky enough to spend the past few months seeing the good that government can do— I will take these lessons with me and I will never forget this experience…I am a better person for having participated in this program."
- Isaac Kaaria - Strathmore University

I learned a lot from my time at the FCS Office—not only about the different ways things work at a state government level, but also about how to work as a team player in an office environment. This internship exceeded all my expectations! You will grow as an employee, but also as a person as a whole.”
- Fiona Kimwaki - USIU

This internship brought me out of my comfort zone in the best possible way. It reaffirmed my love for what I do, and seriously raised the bar for the quality and quantity of work I feel I am able to put out."
-Nicholas Nzyuko - Egerton University


"I learned more here than I ever expected and grew as a professional and as a person. This is the best internship I have had so far—I feel privileged to have been a part of this team."
- John Mugi – Strathmore University

"This experience is something that can change your entire life. Being around individuals—many of them quite young—who are so excited about public service and government is refreshing and energizing. The people you work with will be so knowledgeable and intelligent that you’ll feel yourself gleaning so much understanding about the way government works from the very place that our state government originates. There’s no better place to intern if you’re interested in government--honestly."
- Shadrack Mwania - USIU

"The Global Market Internship Program is a great opportunity for current students…and was an overwhelming experience.  This program took me away from my comfort zone and allowed me to explore how the government operates.  I am grateful. I made this decision to apply and encourage others to do the same." 
-Veronica Luvuyi – KCA University

Please direct any questions or submit your application to intern coordinator John Osura.

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