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One-on-One Meetings with an Energy Business Delegation from Texas

Date: Monday, December 9th, 2019 | Time: Between 13:00-17:00 | Venue: Sheraton Hotel Tel Aviv (115 Hayarkon St., Tel Aviv)

The U.S. Commercial Service Israel is hosting a business delegation, led by the Governor’s Office of the State of Texas. The delegation, comprised of 7 leading Texan exporters, will be holding B2B meetings with Israeli distributors, agents and end-clients. Prior registration is required. Please see below the business profiles of the delegates and complete the short registration form in order to request a meeting.

For additional information please contact: Naama Myers-Altman, Commercial Specialist, Email: Naama.Altman@trade.gov Tel: 03-519-8523

Note: Registration is required in order to attend. Please see short form at bottom of page.

Delegation Company Profiles:




1 - Apfelbaum Industrial Inc

Established in 1999 and today exports to over 10 countries. Apfelbaum Industrial Inc. is a leading U.S. manufacturer of Spare Parts for Turbine Generators for Power Generation and Spare Parts for Engines for Aircraft and Aerospace, Power Transformer Paper Capacitor Bushings, Metal Clad MV and LV Switchgears and Protection Panels, Dielectric Oil Reclaiming Mobil Equipment and Wind Turbine Oil Changers. The company operates in 4 key divisions: Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Green Power and Industrial.

Looking for distributors / agents / representatives.

Profile: existing relationship with utility companies and potential clients; familiarity with regulations, tenders; currently a sales rep in the industry; servicing capabilities (Apfelbaum will train). A successful partner will have the knowledge of at least one of Apfelbaum's divisions.

2 - Fasdrill LLP

Established in 2013, Fasdrill is a value driven supplier of quality Measurement While Drilling (MWD) tools and equipment. Fasdrill offers MWD equipment rentals, sales and support services, backed by years of experience from drilling over 2000 wells throughout North and South America. Our MWD systems provide down-hole telemetry data such as wellbore surveys, shock, vibration, and gamma logging information to the surface in real-time. We offer two types of MWD telemetry systems, positive pulse and electromagnetic (EM). Our MWD systems are available in bottom and top mounted varieties, each with their own advantages.
We are committed to outstanding quality with our MWD/LWD services and we have the perfect combination of reliable tools, experienced personnel, and technical expertise, ensuring we are the MWD solution for your next successful drilling project.

Looking for a distributor/agent to distribute our technology for use in the drilling industry. We are prepared to work closely with the Israeli partner to develop the market, support the selling process and to train local personnel. A relevant distributor would be already selling downhole drilling equipment, drill bits, pipes, motors.

3 - Gas Innovations

Established in 2002, Gas Innovations has become a global leader, providing high purity hydrocarbon gases, serving a wide variety of industries: refrigeration, pharmaceutical, electronics, agricultural, solvents, petrochemical and refining.
Located at the Port of Houston (La Porte, TX), Gas Innovations is strategically positioned for global export.  Our customers include: Dominion Cove Point LNG, Cameron LNG, Freeport LNG, Elba Island LNG, Gorgon LNG, Hyundai Heavy Industries and Angola LNG. Our expansive fleet of assets include tube trailers, ISO containers, cryogenic tankers and cylinders, offering our customers a complete range of packaging and supply options.

Looking for a distributor/agent with relationships and experience within the following industries: LNG liquefaction, industrial/specialty gas, refining, petrochemical and refrigeration.  This local partner would develop contacts and sales opportunities, provide local certification/safety requirements for hazardous materials as well as pre/post-sales support to the end user.  Gas Innovations will offer complete operational and sales support to train personnel and develop the market to foster an environment for success.

4 - Gulf Coast Environmental systems

Gulf Coast Environmental Systems (GCES) is a proven leader in the environmental systems industry, specializing in custom engineering, design, manufacturing, installation, and servicing of pollution control and thermal processing systems. We provide turnkey cutting-edge solutions in some of the most challenging environments around the globe. Our unique approach is to analyze your process stream and business objectives, from which we propose an ideal solution or range of options to help achieve and optimize those objectives.

Looking for a potential partner to represent our products in the region. A successful partner should be able to:
* Represent an extensive portfolio of technologies, including Energy technology, Air pollution technology, and Environmental technology;
* Have a license to sell, service and support choice of proven air pollution control products & product lines;
* Have access to existing leads and current customers throughout Israel.

5 - Nearshorenetworks

NearshoreNetworks are cutting edge Satellite and Cellular Maritime Communication Network Providers to Offshore and Inland Waterway vessel owners, operators and fleet managers worldwide.  With access to virtually every Satellite and Cellular operator, NearshoreNetworks can provide the right connectivity anywhere on the planet.  NearshoreNetworks end-to-end vessel network monitoring detects issues before they can have a negative impact on a client. Headquartered in Houston, Texas since 2016, NearshoreNetworks has 80+ certified field engineers deployed in 60 countries serving as an elite, highly qualified, rapid response team.  This team backs up the remote monitoring team to solve all on-site issues delivering a 99.99% uptime commitment, the communications industry’s highest.

Looking for a local partner:
* Regional providers who perform as resellers
* Have direct sales force
* Relevant partners may also deal with communication hardware
* Must have the technical capability to install and service hardware.

6 - Pigs Unlimited International

Established in 1995, Pigs Unlimited International is a leading U.S. manufacturer of all styles of pigs (foam, steel, and solid-cast) as well as spare components (cups, discs, and brushes). Our main goal is to provide our customers with the most complete line of pigs and pigging products. Exporting to over 70 countries, our company provides a significant discount to foreign clients, a quality product, and the fastest lead time in the industry.

Looking for a distributor:
Some knowledge of our products and prior connections with pipeline companies; possibly someone who already sells pipe and tubing, safety gear, work wear, pumps, compressors, generators; local sales staff.

7 - Rig Stat LP

RigStat, LP is a leading U.S. manufacturer of environmental (weather and metocean) and customized monitoring systems, predominantly used in the offshore energy sector. Our robust systems are designed to operate even during evacuations and extreme weather conditions with the assistance of long-duration UPS supported by solar or wind-powered generation equipment. RigStat has a system implemented in Israel. RigStat, located in the Houston, Texas area was established in 2005, and today exports to over 3 countries, has 100+ installations, and supports its clients on a global basis. Our products provide environmental information on continuous bases for improved operational safety. Whatever the monitoring requirement, RigStat has proven itself when customized solutions are required. Most of these customized solutions would be far too expensive to provide when considering RigStat’s competition. Our clients are the major offshore energy exploration and production companies.

Looking for an exclusive distributor to market and implement monitoring systems, and to provide after-sales local support. RigStat would supply marketing materials, technician training, and product support. A successful distributor will have experience with sensor monitoring systems, prior experience as importer of computer / communication systems, existing contacts with regional energy operating companies, and will have a local sales and technicians staff.

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