2017 International Patient Day Highlights and Outcomes

Eight countries participated in the 2017 International Patient Day Program and featured robust agendas showcasing the personal and powerful benefit US medical technologies have on local populations. Participants immediately saw increased dialogue between U.S. industry and foreign decision makers that continues to highlight critical issues around procurement, regulatory decisions, and reimbursement levels. We anticipate continued dialogue regarding regulatory issues critical for US industry.

2017 program marketing partners included the following US medical technology firms: 3M, Abbott, Baxter, Becton Dickinson, Boston Scientific, DaVita, Edwards Lifesciences, GE Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, PwC, Varian.

Take a look at the 2017 highlights video, as well as a sampling of activities from the 2017 International Patient Day programs!

US-Argentina Patient Day:

o Presentations from five US firms and their Argentinian doctors/patients who had used their products. Topics discussed included innovations in the areas of:

  • Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, Parkinson’s disease, cancer.

o The IPD program was held at Ambassador Bosch’s residence and audience included 60 industry stakeholders, including government representatives (provincial Minister of Health, representatives of federal Ministry of Health), regulators from the local FDA, physicians, hospital executives.

US-Australia Patient Day

o Three US medical device firms represented at this program.

o “Inspiring to see US & Australia improving, changing, saving lives together in MedTech. These are our best stories.” US Consulate Sydney

US-Brazil Patient Day

o Program featured presentations from three US technology firms to 60 industry and gov’t representatives in the audience, including CEOs of hospitals, insurance companies, and medical professionals.

US-Italy Patient Day

o Presentations at US Embassy Rome to 50 industry stakeholders and government representatives

o Six US companies presented, along with a professional journalist who moderated the program. Each firm showcased a patient, doctor and/or video testimonial demonstrating the life-improving and life-saving impact of US technology in the areas of neurology, congenital issues, fetal intervention, diabetes, and infection prevention.

o Press coverage included interviews by a local TV station: http://www.medicinaeinformazione.com/linnovazione-tecnologica-in-medicina---nuovi-paradigmi-di-cura-grazie-alla-tecnologia-per-patologie-diffuse-e-rare.html

US-New Zealand Patient Day

o Featured topics included positive impact of US Technology on oncology/surgery; heart valve replacements; chronic diseases.

o Program held at PwC New Zealand

US-Philippines Patient Day

o Featured attendee included Philippine Secretary of Health

o Presentations from four US medical technology firms

US-Saudi Arabia Patient Day

o Four US medical technology firms, including topics such as:

  • US surgical equipment to achieve better outcomes for Saudi patients
  • Establishes kidney dialysis centers with US technologies throughout Saudi Arabia
  • How US technology helped achieve zero infection rates among surgical patients
  • Using US technology to conduct deep brain stimulation to treat Parkinson’s disease and previously debilitated patient was restored to productive life using this technology.

o Forty medical practitioners in attendance.

US-Taiwan Patient Day

o Presentations from four US firms, featuring stories about:

  • Patients recovering from burn injuries
  • Positive impact of US technology on diabetes patient
  • Helping Taiwanese patients establish a healthier lifestyle through smart devices
  • Stroke prevention

o Attendees from Taiwan’s Ministry of Health, National Health Insurance Administration, FDA, amongst others.

o One attendee commented: The interactions and sharing among relevant officials, doctors and patients were truly educational and heartwarming. Our members’ state-of-the-art technologies, devices and healthcare e-platform were brought to life in the most humane and non-intimating way. As such, everyone attended all walked away not only feeling time well-spent, but hoping to participate in similar events in the near future.

All programs featured press coverage by a combination of professional organizations, social media, and notices on the US Embassy web pages. Check out what people had to say about the 2017 programs:








For more information about the 2018 International Patient Day programs, contact Melissa Grosso at 860-638-6955 or Melissa.Grosso@trade.gov.

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