Healthcare Trade Leads

**To respond to any of these trade leads, please contact your local trade specialist.

December 2017

Japan: New drug candidates and drug development technologies in core research fields.  

Denmark: Healthcare consulting with United Nations. 

CDC: List with CDC as a pre-approved supplier for rapid disaster responses.

November 2017

Ireland: Introducer sheaths, catheters, guidewires, and assisted compression devices.

Kuwait: Physical therapy and medical devices. 

October 2017

Mauritius - 3 low bed x-ray scanners

Mauritius - annual supply of drugs for renal dialysis

September 2017

Australia: Seeking U.S. manufacturer to source Water For Injection in plastic ampoules of various amounts and/or syringes pre-filled with water.

Brazil: Looking for several products for radiofrequency cannulas.  Seeking solutions that can replace spine surgeries of herniated disc and are used in pain management. 

China:  OEM factories in the U.S. to help produce: sanitary paper, feet massage lotion, air sponge (similar to the U.S. brand – the Bad Air Sponge), and cotton pads.

China: Air medical transport training

El Salvador:  Seeking a U.S. company to manufacturer and distribute their product SUDAGRIP (capsules) in the United States

Mexico:  MRI anesthesia machine(s)

Poland:  Seeking manufacturers of disposable fitting tools used for insertion of intrauterine device (IUD)

Saudi Arabia: Telemedicine and virtual ICU support products

South Africa:  Annual Supply of Vaccines and Immunoglobulins

July 2017

Cambodia - Multivitamins and mineral water

Mauritius - Tender for annual purchase of pharmaceutical products

Singapore - Baby medicine and products; baby cough lollipops

Africa (multiple countries) - Pharmaceutical warehousing and storage systems

Saudi Arabia - complete line of medical equipment, medical laboratory equipment, dental equipment, scientific & research equipment, hospital, dental and consumable supplies

June 2017

Algeria:  Collaboration to build a U.S style hospital.

Guyana: Pharmaceuticals and supplements for all types of health problems, ex: diabetes, hypertension, over the counter pain killers, kidney dialysis, supplements, etc.

Honduras: Vitamins and supplements

Japan:  Organic cosmetics, organic essential oils, organic aromas, organic fragrances.

United Nations: Hand-held analyzer for pharmaceutical raw materials and finished pharmaceutical products.

May 2017

Denmark: Danish company looking to identify partners in innovation to address obesity, diabetes, and haemophilia.   

April 2017

Slovakia: Laboratory, optical and precision equipment, and hospital beds.

Bulgaria: National Health Information System tender.

Denmark: Partnership with Novo Nordisk focused on innovations in diabetes, obesity, haemophillia, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, NASH, and protein technologies.

Greece: Machines to make custom insoles for children and adults.

Singapore: Aerosol spray manufacturer for skin products.

Kuwait: Paramedic training & trauma center upgrades.

Nigeria: Mobile & digital diagnostic equipment.

Thailand: Various physical therapy and rehab equipment.

March 2017

Belize: Major tender for supplies related to controlled drugs, dental equipment, labs, x-rays, medical equipment, and galenicals.

Azerbaijan: Ancestry and genealogy DNA research equipment

UK: Tender for CT scanners

Botswana: Tender for first aid supplies and emergency equipment

Turkey:  Plant stem cells for skin care in esthetic clinics; 2nd generation PRP products

February 2017

India: Symlin cartridges for disposable injection pens

Mauritius: Tenders for hearing aids and surgical equipment for 5 regional hospitals

Zimbabwe: Regional medical warehouse

January 2017

Thailand: Contract manufacturer for men's skin care

Russia: Facial sheet masks

Cote d'Ivoire: Cryosurgical guns/tools (MGC-200) and accessories

December 2017

El Salvador: Multiple opportunities

November 2016

India: Partnership for drug treatment centers

Singapore: Cosmetic device manufacturer

Costa Rica: Bleomycin

Jordan: Syringes and IV cannula; Blood bags 

Turkey: Glutamate aspartate solution

India: Adult diaper manufacturing joint venture

Saudi Arabia: Luxury perfumes

October 2016

Norway: EHR tender

September 2016

Japan: Organic Maltitol

China: Training Partnership with Hospital Obstetrician Department

August 2016

Mauritius:  Tenders - ENT hospital, anesthetic drugs, pediatric formulations, anti-infective injections

New Zealand: Operating Room theater tables

Philippines: Intravenous Bags

Philippines: Partner for medical diagnostics company to open in drug and grocery stores

El Salvador: Body bags

Libya: Vascular grafts, fogarty catheters, vascular patches, various drugs, liner stapler

July 2016

Libya - Consultants for a new 200-bed hospital: consultancy work, feasibility study, architectural and construction work

Singapore - Multiple items for hospital and home care

Albania - Food safety and screening kits

UAE - Sports medicine and aesthetic operations centers

UAE - Examination lamps

The Philippines - Mosvit and Calvit

Iraq - Hospital Management and Equipment Supplier

Romania - Hospital partner for expansion brand, training, and services

Thailand - Dry shampoo

June 2016

Mauritius: Cardiac equipment and pharmaceutical products for the central nervous system

China: Medical devices for cosmetic surgery

Japan: Bulk supplement manufacturer 

Singapore: Sports nutrition, slimming supplements, & probiotics

May 2016

Cote d'Ivoire: Lab equipment

Qatar: Therapeutic toys

Mauritius: Cardiac pharmaceuticals

Philippines: Vitamins and supplements

April 2016

Mozambique: Cardiac pharmaceuticals

Brazil: Toxicology lab partners

Pakistan: Refurbished imaging equipment

Nigeria: Caskets

Belgium, Italy, Cyprus, Malta and Croatia: Joint tender for personal protective equipment

Turkey: Counterfeit drug detection device

March 2016

OEM packer for powders and capsules

Austria: Medical grade fitness tracker

Guatemala: Dialysis kit

Botswana: HIV Testing Kits

Russia: IPL and Laser systems

February 2016

China (Shanghai and Guangzhou) : Partners for senior living facilities.

China: Telemedicine equipment and portable health equipment.

Indonesia: Telemedicine equipment

January 2016

Kuwait: Consultants for police hospital project.

Philippines: Food supplements

December 2015

Singapore: Fluoroscopy Chairs

Malaysia: Medicated Throat Lozenges 

Bulgaria: Insulin pumps

Ecuador: Manufacturing equipment for syringes

Philippines: Portable diagnostic equipment for cholesterol, creatinine, SGT/ SGOT

Peru: Cancer outpatient treatment 

November 2015

Zambia: Medical warehouse tender

Philippines: Portable diagnostic equipment

Philippines: Food supplements and freezer pops

Chile: Vitamins and supplements

Swaziland: Refurbishment of quality assurance laboratories tender

Vietnam: EMS IT solutions and training services, ambulances

Poland: CO2 detectors for intubation tubes

October 2015

Vietnam: Ambulance cars and IT solutions for the Emergency Medical Service

Slovakia: Health IT tender coming early October for patients electronic ID cards

August 2015

Russia: Contact lens manufacturing equipment

China: In vitro fertilization support products

Turkey: Global purchasing and facility management in healthcare

Qatar: Government tender to build new hospital

July 2015

Italy: Emergency room portable devices for cardiac or cerebral; bedside point of care; non-invasive cancer testing systems; innovative homecare systems for dialysis; infection prevention systems.

Madagascar: Tender open for generic medicine, dental products, and medical consumables.

Algeria: Partners for hospital construction.

Saudi Arabia: Cardiovascular, Ob/Gyn general surgery instruments, reusable and disposable; disposable radiology devices; disposable Ob/Gyn devices; disposable general surgery and laparoscopy devices.

Turkey: Air ambulance services.

June 2015

Philippines: Dental alginate and dental cast stone

May 2015

Chile: Injectable antibiotics for human use

Bulgaria: Mannequins for CPR training

Australia: Urine analyzer with blue-tooth compatibility for home use

Philippines:  Suppliers of children's supplements

Madagascar:  Delivery kits

Ethiopia: Pathology lab reporting system

April 2015

Denmark: Assistive technology for bariatric patients.

India: Veterinary products.

India: Paramedic training, curriculum and technologies.

China: Senior care service providers.

Iraq: Hospital administration.

Czech Republic: Telemedicine medical consultation providers. 

Government Tenders Highlight:  The United Kingdom Government’s Contract Finder web site allows potential suppliers to search for information on previous, current and future public sector contracts worth over $15,000.  The site also provides links to opportunities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Please visit for more information.

March 2015

Albania: Major hospital tender

Brazil: Disposables, EMT kits, hospital furniture, wheelchairs for the Rio 2016 Olympics

Mauritius: Linear Accelerator

February 2015

Denmark: Telemedicine and remote patient monitoring

Qatar: Hospital consulting for planned high-end clinics

Finland: Supplies for first aid kits, emergency kits, and mobile medical relief

January 2015

Australia:  Liquid Enzymatic Cleaning Solution for medical/dental instruments

Brazil: Medical equipment and supplies to support the 2016 Olympics

Russia: Organic and natural house care, beauty care, children's care

Russia: Cosmetics & personal care

Russia: Food supplements

Saudi Arabia: Hospital Consultants on disease-based standardization of practice and clinical practice standardization

December 2014

Denmark: Unit-dose dispensation and automatic pneumatic tube systems

Mauritius: Government tender for pharmaceutical products

Brazil: In support of the 2016 Olympics:

  • Diagnostics/Medical Supplies
  • Hospital Equipment
  • Disposable Emergency Kits
  • Emergency Medical Bags
  • Physiotherapy Equipment
  • Medical Facilities for Test Events
  • Ambulance Services

November 2014

West Africa: Ebola Reverse Procurement Portal (informational listing); for information on how to donate to the Ebola response, please visit:

Afghanistan: US health management partner for new hospital project

Brazil: High quality and innovative cardiology products

Kuwait: Generics with active ingredients of Suprarenal Cortex, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride), Indication: treatment of severe vomiting (antiemetic, anti-nausea)

Czech Republic: Service provider of medical consultations by phone

Saudi Arabia: Recruiting agencies for American dentists, dental assistants, & technicians

Tajikistan: Hospital project

October 2014

Greece: Medical Disposables, Obesity, Orthopedics, General Surgery.

West Africa: Air ambulance and mobile clinic capabilities to respond to the Ebola crisis (information gathering only)

  • Diabetes and Obesity/Endocrinology;  Dermatology and cosmetology; Neurology; Cardiology;  Oncology
  • Fillers, mesotherapy, biorevitalization (cosmetic)
  • Dietary supplements
  • Food supplements, custom manufacturer
  • Pharmaceutical companies working with injectables, biopharmaceuticals, and antibiotics
  •  Distinct feature products for medical professionals, and unique class 1 devices.
  • Developers and manufacturers of FDA-approved pharmaceuticals (generic and proprietary)  

Hospital Projects:

Chennai, India: U.S. hospital affiliation and hospital management companies

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