NAFSA 2018 – USA Pavilion

The Global Education team of the U.S. Commercial Service helps connect U.S. educational institutions to overseas high school counselors, education agents, and potential partner universities. 2018 is the third consecutive year, the U.S. Commercial Service, in collaboration with EducationUSA, is coordinating a “USA: A Study Destination” Pavilion at the NAFSA National Conference.

The U.S. Commercial Service is co-exhibiting with these 12 Study State Consortia:  California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Virginia and Washington. These Study State Consortia promote their respective states (and collectively their higher education institutions) as destinations for study to international students. Visit USA: A Study Destination Pavilion at Booth 1647.


Study California is a membership-driven non-profit public benefit corporation of the State of California formed to bring talented international students to California’s institutions of higher education and English language programs. Because the demand is so high for education in the United States, and because California offers such a diversity of quality programs, Study California was formed to offer students and advisors one place where individuals could search for programs. Study California strives to increase the number of international students enrolling in California’s schools and universities, as well as to facilitate partnerships between California’s schools and schools abroad. It is an important mission of the organization to embrace other cultures and further cross-cultural understanding globally. We hope to make the state of California a top study destination worldwide!

The Study Connecticut website webpage was launched on April 2014. Our website is devoted to enhancing awareness of the unique and varied educational experiences available in Connecticut. One of the goals of the website is to provide a comprehensive set of resources to prospective students everywhere through our Commercial Service programs and our Partners.  We believe strongly in both our local Connecticut educators, and the individual success of their students. We have participated in the ICEF conference in Miami and are participating in NAFSA 2018. We have sent brochures to Education USA advising centers to promote our schools.  The website operations are sponsored by the Connecticut District Export Council and in partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce Export Assistance Center located in Middletown, CT.  With an incredible diversity in environments, programs of study, and educational methodology, choosing to study in Connecticut is not only the first step on the way to success, but the right one.

Study Massachusetts started as Study Western Massachusetts in 2009 and transitioned into Study Massachusetts in July of 2014. Our members include both private and public universities as well as ESL providers who are all interested in promoting the idea of international students coming to the state to study. We work together to market jointly to EducationUSA advisors, various product vendors, agents, and students about the educational and cultural opportunities within the state.

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Study Mississippi, established in 2011, is a consortium of accredited educational institutions in the U.S. state of Mississippi which connects international students and professionals with quality Mississippi education and training. Members include high schools, community colleges, public and private colleges and universities, and professional English language schools. Study Mississippi institutions offer a variety of degrees from which to choose, and are found in rural, suburban and urban settings. Study Mississippi is supported by the Mississippi Development Authority, U.S. Commercial Services, and the Mississippi World Trade Center. Institutions interested in joining, as well as partnering with Study Mississippi consortium or institutions, please contact us at Follow us on

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The Study Missouri Consortium is a grassroots organization of colleges and universities across Missouri dedicated to promoting international education. The Study Missouri Consortium is an association open to all independent and public institutions of higher education with main campuses in Missouri (two-year, four-year, comprehensive and research institutions). The Mission of Study Missouri is to support and enhance the capacity of member institutions, individually and collectively, to foster international experiences and cross-cultural competence among students, faculty and citizens in Missouri and to facilitate communication, cooperation, and expansion of international educational activities and exchanges in the State of Missouri. Study Missouri was formally organized in Jefferson City, Missouri in June 2009 by educators committed to cooperative efforts in support of international education in the State of Missouri. Since then we have organized the International Education Day at the State Capitol event attended by over 300 international and study abroad students annually who learn about the Missouri legislative process and democracy. We are present at the NAFSA annual conference with a booth and reception where we initiate new international partnerships. We partner with USAdvisors and other organizations to achieve our goals.

Study New Hampshire is a non-profit consortium of 21, public and private institutions of higher education in the state of New Hampshire. These institutions are recognized for their outstanding teaching, research, and community service activities. They serve as major centers of activity that are vital to the economic development of the community and the state. Since 1966, the consortium’s mission is the advancement of public and private higher education in the state. Through collaborative efforts between the member colleges and universities, high schools and businesses, the consortium enhances educational opportunities for nearly 70,000 students currently attending our member institutions. Study New Hampshire members participate in NAFSA Annual Conferences, Education USA, trade missions, and ESL programming.

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The mission of the Study New York consortium is to work collaboratively with its member colleges, universities and partners through special programs and global outreach to promote New York State internationally as the premier education destination for students, researchers, visiting professors and other exchange visitors. Study New York was founded in 2009 and is one of the largest consortium (50+ institutions) of colleges and universities in the U.S., comprised of independent (private, non-profit), SUNY (State University of New York), and CUNY (City University of New York) colleges and universities.

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The University of North Carolina International Recruiting Consortium (UNC International)

We represent 11 highly regarded universities within the University of North Carolina System that are committed to drawing top international students to their campuses. Our programs range from small and personal with 3,500 students, to large and research-intensive with 35,000+ students. With teaching and learning programs for the undergraduate to post-doctoral programs, we truly offer something for every student. There are numerous options available to international students, and we understand that choosing the right university and program of study can feel overwhelming. Our goal is to streamline the process. UNC International does this by serving as a hub for students interested in studying at one of our member schools – 11 excellent universities, one stop! We are here to support students throughout the process, and ultimately connect them to the UNC International universities that best match their professional and personal goals.

Study Oregon was founded in 1999 with the goal of promoting collaboration between education and training institutions, with the shared goal of connecting international students with quality services in the state of Oregon. Within Oregon we have an education or training institution that fits the needs of many different students. Member institutions come from public and private colleges and universities, community colleges and language schools. Each year Study Oregon’s activities vary but include things like hosting Education USA Advisors, attending conferences like NAFSA and professional development seminars for our members.

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Study Texas was established to enable schools in the State of Texas to work together to market the advantages of receiving an education in Texas. Study Texas is a group of educational organizations in the state of Texas, whose broad purpose is to connect international students and professionals with a quality education. Members include appropriately accredited community colleges and four-year colleges and universities, both private and public. Study Texas institutions offer thousands of degrees to choose from. Come explore Texas and find out why it is a great place to live and learn!

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Started in 2016, Study Virginia is a membership driven 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed for the purpose of bringing talented international students to diverse educational programs offered by Virginia’s institutions of higher education (which offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs) and English language programs. Membership is open to SACSCOC-accredited colleges and universities across Virginia. Study Virginia strives to increase the number of international students enrolling in Virginia’s schools and universities, as well as to facilitate partnerships between Virginia’s schools and schools abroad. It will participate in international conferences, study fairs, and other educational and commercial events.

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Study Washington was one of the first statewide study consortiums in the United States, and is a collaborative international outreach effort by Universities, Colleges, Intensive English Schools, and even Private High Schools in the state of Washington.  Our goal is to offer more opportunities in Washington for international students, but also to find more opportunities to create programs abroad for U.S. students. Study Washington aims to help connect schools with partners in the U.S. and abroad by helping to attend workshops, facilitate conferences and fairs, and work more closely with U.S. initiatives like EducationUSA and the U.S. Commercial Service.

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