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Capital: Bratislava
5.41 million
: USD 99 billion
: Slovak


In 2013, Slovak commercial air transport was available regularly from Bratislava and Košice, seasonally from Žilina, Poprad – Tatry with a newly opened terminal, and Piešťany international airports. VIP WINGS, as the primary domestic carrier, ceased its operations in November 2013, following the trend of the famous national carrier Sky Europe and other Slovak airlines.

Most international commercial service was provided by Travel Service, Ryanair, Norwegian Air Shuttle, UT Air and EL Al, CSA / Air France/ Delta Airlines / Alitalia / Aeroflot / KLM, Lufthansa / Austrian Airlines and Eurolot. The primary international destinations were Alicante, Alghero, Barcelona, Bari, Bologna, Birmingham, Bristol, Brussels, Burgas, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Gerona, Gdansk, Kiev, Las Palmas, Liverpool, London, Malaga, Manchester, Milan-Bergamo, Moscow, Oslo, Palma de Mallorca, Paris, Pisa, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Trapanji, Vienna and Warsaw.

Summer charter flights to Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Bulgaria, Spain, Tunis, Italy, Morocco, Israel and Portugal were operated by Sayegh Aviation Europe, Air Explore, Air Cairo, Air Arabia, AMC Airlines, Arkia Israeli, Astra Airlines, BH Air, Bulgarian Air Charter, Free Birds Airlines, Nouvelair Tunisie, Onur Air, Tunisair, Sky Airlines and Shyphax Airlines. Lately, Czech Airlines opened new connections twice daily from Bratislava to Košice and Prague.

Winter charter flights were operated mostly by Russian and Ukrainian airlines: Nordavia, Orenburg airlines, Red Wings, Wind Rose, Yamal Airlines and Holidays Czech Airlines.

Commercial air transportation in Slovakia is hampered by the close proximity (30 miles) of Bratislava to the Vienna International Airport and the availability of long-haul flights from there.

In 2013 Slovak airport companies and air control service providers received State budget subsidies totaling EUR 8,282,844 (USD 11.4 mil) from the Ministry of Transport, Construction, and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic. This support is intended for airport security, control and dispatch of flights exempt from consideration payments and for safe and secure operation, administration, maintenance and investments in airport infrastructure.

Market Entry

Market entry to Slovakia is easy. Besides EU regulations, there are no country specific business barriers in place at the moment. For updated information it is recommended to verify any information with the two most important aviation institutions - Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic and the newly established Transport Authority, which was established by merging three authorities as of Jan 1st 2014: Civil Aviation Authority of the Slovak Republic, State Navigation Administration and Railway Regulatory Authority.

Current Market Trends

The total amount of passengers traveling through Slovak airports decreased in 2013 by 3% in comparison to 2012, down to 1,660,277 passengers.

There has been a constant annual decrease of the amount of passengers since 2008. This decrease varies across the airports; Bratislava’s amount of passengers has dropped by 3 % in 2013, Žilina’s by
76 %, Poprad – Tatry’s by 19 % and Sliač‘s by 12 %. On the contrary Košice airport has grown by 1 % annually and Piešťany by 81 %.

All Slovak airports strive to:
Minimize the impact of the world economic situation and retain business clientele
Make more remote regions accessible in order to enable the development of tourism and enhance the local economy’s performance
Optimize the costs and find financial resources, preferably EU funds, to invest in ongoing projects
Continue to implement Safety Management Systems and to continuously improve the quality management system according to standard STN EN ISO 9001/EN ISO 9001:2000, STN EN ISO 14001/EN ISO 14001:2004 (EMS) and OHSAS 18001/EN:1999 (OSH)

Current Demand

Year 2011 was historically successful at Bratislava airport; when compared to year 2010 the volume of carried cargo grew by 16% up to 20,530 tons while international cargo grew by 38%. This major increase was caused mainly due to DHL’s complementary Leipzig-Bratislava-Sofia scheduled route from Brussels to Bratislava. DHL carries 97% of the cargo of Bratislava airport. In 2012, cargo at Bratislava airport grew by an additional 10% up to 22,571 tons compared to FY 2011. Year 2013 saw a decline of cargo by 6% compared to 2012, down to 21,271 tons.

DHL is building a new logistics hall by the Bratislava airport to serve as a distribution node combining the airline and land logistics for Central Europe. Amazon was set to build a logistics center in Brno with Bratislava as a backup plan. Recently Brno has dropped the investment for the third time making Bratislava one of the primary candidates.

There are ongoing bilateral talks on airport services and possible investments with China, Sri Lanka, UAE, Russia, Qatar and South Korea. Ryanair suggested moving its base to Bratislava airport, which would represent EUR 150-200 mil investment and would significantly improve the amount of passengers travelling through the airport.


The top two scheduled transport air carriers in 2013 were Ryanair and Czech Airlines, while the nonscheduled air carriers were Travel Service, Central Charter Airlines Slovakia (Sam air) and Nesma Airlines.

The three biggest air craft producers and repair facilities by turnover are TOMARK, s.r.o. (division TomarkAero), Letecke opravovne Trencin, a.s. and AERO SLOVAKIA a.s. Smaller producers worth mentioning are AeroPro, Aerospool, Plaspol and Avama.

Website of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Slovak Republic provides the following information:
List of registered aircrafts and operators:
Note: OPERA JET is an exclusive representative of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation from Savannah, GA for Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania.

List of companies registered to provide other civil aviation services (cargo, mail, catering, cleaning, air field):
Note: REKMA TRADING is authorized distributor of U.S. based companies CRAFCO Inc. from Chandler, AZ, International CHEM-CRETE Corporation from Richardson, TX and Keizer-Morris International from North Branch, MI.

List of Aerial Work Operator Permit Holders:

List of Air Operator Certificates Holders

List of Approved Maintenance Organizations:

Best Prospects

Bratislava Airport shows the biggest potential for cargo due to its cheaper prices and excellent location on the crossroads of highways connecting major European cities Vienna, Budapest and Prague (Brno).

The priority of Košice Airport is to open a direct flight connection to Germany while carrying on with its Green Airport Project that started in 2013, with the installment of three photovoltaic devices. The airport offers its existing infrastructure for cargo and aircraft maintenance to potential partners. Management is also considering building a new aircraft maintenance and repair hangar.

Piešťany Airport is looking for a strategic partner who would at the same time become a shareholder. The privatization’s main goal is to invest into the airport’s infrastructure according to the study done by University of Žilina and to continue the airport’s operation. Privatization should ideally be concluded by the end of 2014, mid 2015 at the latest.

Sliač Airport plans a reconstruction and completion of a small private jets hangar. The airport is looking for a partner for cargo and regular flights to European airports of major significance. After introduction of a regular line the airport wants to procure a new fuel cistern and a new fire truck. With a new partner the airport is also planning to build a new terminal and parking lots.

Žilina Airport plans to establish regular flights and in cooperation with University of Žilina broaden the flight training portfolio. The airport is also looking for a strategic partner – air carrier with airplane of roughly 70 seats to fly to a major European airport. There is an ongoing investment of a logistics park, thus the airport seeks a strategic cargo flight partner. Planned investments involve runway enlargement by 656 feet (from 1,150m to 1,350m).

Subsector Focus: Helicopters

There are ten licensed heliports on top of existing 29 airports. The number of registered helicopters is around 120. Air Transport Europe, based in Poprad, is the only major helicopter operator in Slovakia. ATE operates the air ambulances using approximately seven Italian helicopters Agusta 109, one Eurocopter AS 355N and two Russian heavy-duty helicopters Mi 8. Air emergency medical services operate on eight heliports across the country.

There are also a few of the Bell helicopters in operation in Slovakia (types 429 and 206), ultralight helicopters Mosquito XE, CH 7 KOMPRESS, CH 7 CHARLIE and CH 77, Mi-8AMT and Mi-171. Ten companies currently operate helicopter flights in Slovakia. Slovakia provides helicopter training facilities and several helicopter service stations.

List of Companies Operating Helicopter Flights

List of Companies Servicing Helicopters

List of Air Emergency Medical Services Heliports


According to aviation professionals, political influence and interference in the Slovak air transport market remain to be the biggest barriers.

Trade Events/Associations

Slovak International Air Fest (SIAF) 2014

August 30-31, 2014 | Airport Sliač

SIAF is organized by the Slovenská letecká agentúra, Ltd under the auspices of The Slovak Ministries of Defense, Interior and Transportation. It offers static demonstrations of civil and military aviation as well as acrobatics. SIAF 2013 welcomed over 100,000 visitors who came to see over 100 aircrafts and helicopters from 14 countries.

Association of aviation producers of the Slovak Republic

Aviation Amateurs Association of the Slovak Republic

In Slovakia there are 35 aviation clubs and organizations. Their listing can be viewed at

U.S. Commercial Service Contact Information:

Ms. Lucia Maskova
Commercial Specialist

+11 421 (2) 5922 3325

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