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City Profile: Hyderabad

Hyderabad was a great centre for trade and commerce and the Nizams' Hyderabad was the largest princely state in India. The city bears the indelible marks of the two dynasties that ruled - the Qutb Shahis and the Asaf Jahis. On November 1, 1956, the map of India was redrawn on linguistic lines and Andhra Pradesh was born, with Hyderabad as its capital.

The area exhibits undulating topography with number of tanks and hill ranges. Hussain Sagar located in the heart of the city bisects it into Secunderabad and Hyderabad. Both the cities have a cultural heritage; Hyderabad is more than 400 years old and Secunderabad celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2006.

Hyderabad presents an exciting confluence of cultures. The 400-year old city with a resplendent history blends the best of various cultural influences. Today, the old world charm rubs shoulders with technological innovation that is slowly becoming the city's forte. Galloping its way towards realizing its dream of becoming the Silicon Valley of India, the city is home to many global IT firms, international companies, central and state government units, research and development institutes and defense establishments.

The state of Andhra Pradesh is steering the nation to new dimensions in the fields of Information Technology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Business Management, Construction, Pharma, Insurance, Tourism and more - to emerge as a land of immense business opportunities. 

Hyderabad which was once known for domes and minarets has now become "Cyberabad" an investor's paradise in the field of Information Technology. The city is a leading destination for foreign direct investments and multinational companies like Dell, Google, Facebook, Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle and has become a constant fixture of the itinerary of global leaders and business delegates. Distinguished international personalities such as George W Bush, Bill Clinton, and Tony Blair, have visited Hyderabad in the recent past. The city's cosmopolitan way of life envelops in its wake, the ancient and the new.

General Information:

Public Transportation
Hyderabad offers a variety of means for getting around, among which are buses, motor-rickshaws and taxis. The bus service is government operated and provides good connectivity around the city with low fares and relatively punctual services. Moto-rickshaws meanwhile are the most ubiquitous modes of transport in the city and are similar to vehicles that are known as tuk-tuks in other cities. Fares are reasonable and are metered; but be wary of using any vehicle in which the meter is out of order or the driver refuses to use it.

Taxis are regular cars but cannot be hailed in the street and need to be booked by telephone or at the offices of their dispatch centers. All fares are metered and cost Fare: Rs 15 per km, Minimum Rs 30 which include the first 2 Km traveled

Waiting charges @ Rs 1 per minute. 
25% night surcharge is applicable between 2300hrs to 0500hrs 

Hyderabad has a comfortable climate; it does not have the extremes in temperature except in summers, nor the incessant rains and humidity of the coastal regions. The evenings are generally pleasant and the winters balmy.
Summer: March-May 30 C- 43 C
Monsoon: June - October rainfall 86cm
Winter: November - February 13 C - 32C

How to get there
Hyderabad is the ‘Central Metro’ of India. It is about two hours away by air and twenty-four hours by rail from the other four metros - Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. There are regular domestic flights to all major cities in India. Hyderabad is well connected to all the towns and cites through super fast and express trains. Regular bus services are available to Mumbai, Nagpur, Bangalore, and Chennai.  Hyderabad has one of the largest intercity bus services in the world. Bus services are available to all corners of the city and tourist destinations.

International flights are available to the U.S., UK, Frankfurt, Singapore, the Middle East, Bangkok, Colombo, and Kuala Lumpur.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (IATA: HYD, ICAO: VOHS) also known as Hyderabad International Airport, is an international airport near Shamshabad, about 22 km (14 mi) south of downtown Hyderabad. Car rental and taxi services are available at the airport. In addition, Aero Express, the airport shuttle, is a facility provided by the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. These buses run at 30 minutes interval to/from several points in the city and the airport between 03:30 hours and 23:30 hours, and at a 1 hour frequency between 23.30 hours to 03.30 hours. Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) also provides non air-conditioned bus services between various points in the city and the airport at much lower fares.


Radio Taxi service at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is provided by leading service providers Meru and Easy cabs for the convenience of our customers. This is an air conditioned cab service with charges payable on the basis of meter reading at the end of the journey.

Easy Cabs : +91 40 43434343
Meru : +91 40 44224422


Birla Temple

Birla Mandir on the Naubath Pahad is a magnificent Hindu temple of Lord Venkateshwara, entirely built in white marble. The construction of this temple took ten years and was consecrated in 1976 by Swami Ranganathananda of Ramakrishna Mission. The temple does not have traditional bells, as Swamiji wished that the temple atmosphere should be conducive for meditation. Though the chief deity is Lord Venkateshwara, the temple has pan-Hindu character with deities of Shiva, Shakti, Ganesh, Hanuman, Brahma, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Saibaba.

Heart of Hyderabad city
Adarsh Nagar
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500083
Tel No: 040 23233259

The elegant structure of the Charminar in Hyderabad is a vivid example of Cazia style of architecture comprising of granite and lime-mortar. Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah built this Islamic architectural splendor in the year 1591. Charminar is the most famous landmark of the city and most tours to Hyderabad include the Charminar as an absolute essential. It is a must see if you are visiting Hyderabad. The wonderful monument with its four arches is so proportionately planned that when the fort is opened one could catch a glimpse of the bustling Hyderabad city as these Charminar arches were facing the most active royal ancestral streets.

Location: Heart of Hyderabad city
How to Reach: Once in Hyderabad, the local transport like auto-rickshaws and taxis should get you to Charminar.
Main Attractions: The architecture of Charminar and the Bangle Bazaar flanking the monument on either side

Chow Mohalla Palace
Chow Mohalla was built in several phases in the rule of different Nizams. The pavilion where the rulers held court was known as Khilwat, built in the regime of the second Nizam. Some consider its style extremely baroque. The four palaces comprising the Chow Mohalla complex are Afzal Mahal, Mahtab Mahal, Tahriyat Mahal and Aftab Mahal. Afzal Mahal is the most imposing of them all.

Location: 1.2 km from Charminar
Main Attractions: The complex includes Jilu Khana facing Lad bazaar and Daulat Khana-e-Ali, both built by the first Nizam.

Golconda Fort
Golconda Fort in Hyderabad is a majestic monument built by Qutb Shahi Rulers, which lies on the western outskirts of the city. It speaks of a great cultural heritage of 400 years and is considered as a place that is worth visiting. Golconda was famous for its diamond mines in olden days. The world-renowned 'Kohinoor' diamond is believed to have come from here.

Location: 11 kilometers west of Hyderabad
Main attractions: Touring the fort, spectacular light and sound show every evening

Mecca Masjid
Mecca Masjid is one of the oldest masjids in the city and easily the biggest. Muhammed Quli Qutub Shah began building it in 1617 under the supervision of Mir Faizullah Baig and Rangiah Choudhary. Mughal emperor Aurangzeb completed the construction in 1694. It took 77 years to come up as the magnificent edifice we see today.  It is believed that Muhammed Quli commissioned bricks to be made from earth brought from Mecca and inducted them into the construction of the central arch of the mosque, which explains the name of the mosque.

Location: Mecca masjid is just a hundred yards southwest of the historic Charminar
Main Attraction: The mosque is a granite giant with awe-inspiring innards. The main hall of the mosque is 75 feet high, 220 feet wide and 180 feet long, big enough to accommodate ten thousand worshippers at a time.

Paigah Tombs
The Paigah Tombs in Hyderabad, India are the tombs of the several generations of the Paigah nobles. The Paigah nobles were very close to the Nizams and so they enjoyed a significant social status. They were given the responsibility of looking after the security and defense of the state. Some of the Paigah nobles who have been laid to rest here are Asman Jah, Viqar-ul-Umara and Shams-ul-Umara.

Location: Santoshnagar, 10 kilometers from Hyderabad city centre
How to reach:  Local Transport within Hyderabad city
Main Attractions:  One of its kind architectural wonder, carvings of marble

Qutub Shahi Tombs

Qutub Shahi Tombs are located in the heart of the Hyderabad city. The Qutub Shahi Tombs are quite close to the Golconda Fort, which is a famous landmark of Hyderabad. The Qutub Shahi Tombs are a perfect blend of Indian and Persian architectural forms, constructed in gray granite decorated with exquisite ornamentation. The tombs are domed structures, which are built on an elevated square base surrounded by pointed arches.

2 km from the Golconda Fort
How to reach:  Local transport which is easily available in Hyderabad
Main Attractions:  Numerous tombs at one place, Deccan Festival

Raymond Tomb
Raymond's Tomb was built in the memory of the brave French General Michel Joachim Marie Raymond (1755 - 1798 AD). He joined as an ordinary soldier in the service of the ruling Nizam of Hyderabad. He rapidly worked his way up and soon commanded the position of an army General. Not only was he respected in the army, he was also popular among the ordinary public. He was fondly known as Musa Ram among the Hindus and Musa Rahim among the Muslims.

Location:  Saroornagar, 10 kilometers from Hyderabad city
Main Attraction:  The French Garden in vicinity.

Cuisine in Hyderabad

Hyderabad was known for the spectacular way its aristocracy entertained. Some of the salient features of Hyderabadi food are the key flavors of coconut, tamarind, peanuts and sesame seeds. This cuisine owes its origins to the Mughalai style of cooking of the Asaf Jahi period. By carefully mellowing and nurturing the typical Mughalai flavors with a blend of spices, the cuisine of Hyderabad was born. While there is a certain exotic quality to some of the royal foods, it is also known that a true Hyderabadi will go anywhere in the city for a well prepared dish, however humble its origin.

For those who want a taste of the royal menu, there is a variety of Biryanis (A rice and meat preparation, seasoned with spices and flavorings); kababs (meat pieces of minced meat cooked in many different styles such as Boti, Jhammi, Kalmi, Shikampur, Sheek, Legan - ke - kababs, Dum - ke- kababs); Khormas (either meat or vegetables cooked in a rich creamy gravy) and Lukhmi (pastry). During the month of Ramzan, one gets to taste Haleem (a pounded wheat and meat preparation). For those who prefer more homely food, there is Kichri (a rice and lentil preparation); Kheema methi (minced meat with fenugreek); Nahari (a stew of tongue and lamb trotters); Rumali Rotis (bread as thin as a handkerchief) and chakna (a spicy dish of meat).

For the vegetarians there is Bagara Baingan (a rich spicy preparation of egg plant); Mirch-ka-salan (chilies in a creamy gravy); Tomato kut (aromatic puree of tomato with flavorings); and Shahi dahi vadas (lentil dumplings in yogurt sauce).

Restaurant options: http://timescity.com/hyderabad/restaurants

Shopping options
The historic city of Hyderabad is a shopper's delight! From the world famous pearls to traditional arts & crafts, from textiles of all modern brand names to ethnic wear, the city offers an astounding variety of shopping. And what's more unlike many other cities, shopping is not confined to a particular area in Hyderabad. If you want to take home the delights of Hyderabad, take a stroll in many markets in the evening... the city is bound to charm you with its warm touch and hearty glitter. 
The main shopping areas include Basheerbagh, Abids and Nampally. You can find everything in the biggest showrooms form jewelry, textiles, handicrafts to footwear, ready-mades and general goods in the markets. Other favored places are Begum Bazaar (brassware), Laad Bazaar (diamonds, pearls and precious metals) and Mahatma Gandhi Road.

The other areas in the City, which are turning into hubs for shoppers include Ameerpet, Himayatnagar, Begumpet, Somajiguda and Punjagutta. The City also offers mega malls, these malls bring everything under one roof from shopping to entertainment and food, giving the shoppers a unique experience.


Medical Facilities

Hyderabad offers the latest technological advances, experienced and expert physicians and surgeons and the very best in patient care, Medical infrastructure in Hyderabad is excellent and has secured Hyderabad a place in the world as a premier medical travel destination. A few hospitals are listed below:

Apollo Hospitals
Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad is a 550-bed tertiary care centre. It has over 50 medical and surgical disciplines. Apart from their hospital at Jubilee Hills, they also have clinics and pharmacies throughout the city.

Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.
Emergency: 1066
Phone: + 91-40-23607777
e-mail: apollohyd@apollolife.com ; touchinglives@apollohospitals.com

Care Hospitals
CARE is currently ranked as the fourth largest healthcare provider in India. This hospital has one of the largest and best cardiology departments in the country.

Banjara hills, Hyderabad
Phone: + 91-40 30418888

Hyderabad Dental Hospital
A multi speciality dental care centre, this is one of the most sophisticated hospitals in south India.

Boggulkunta, Abids, Hyderabad
Phone: + 91-40-4004 7772, 2475 4140, 2475 4138

Image Hospitals
Image Hospital is a super specialty hospital. One of the most interesting features of this hospital is the 24 hour trauma care centre. There is also a well equipped ambulance fleet and excellent intensive care units. There are two branches of this hospital, one at Ameerpet and the other at Hi-tech city.

Ameerpet, Hyderabad
Phone: + 91-40-23746616
Madhapur, Hyderabad
Phone: + 91-40-23116666 (8 Lines) / 23116000

L V Prasad Eye Institute
A world class eye hospital, institute and research centre, its mission is to provide excellent eye care to all. They have an eye bank and a vision rehabilitation centre.

Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Phone: + 91-40-30612345

Rainbow Children’s Hospital
Primarily a children’s hospital, rainbow offers both pre natal and post natal care services. It offers high-level care in pediatric subspecialties like Pediatric Nephrology, Pediatric Haemato-Oncology and Pediatric Gastroenterology and Liver diseases. This hospital can be better defined as an integrated hospital for women and children.

Road No.10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Phone: + 91-40-23397699

Kamineni Wockhardt Heart Hospital
Wockhardt Hospitals have an exclusive association in India with Harvard Medical International (HMI), the global arm of the Harvard Medical School. They are a chain of super specialty hospitals that specialize in neurology, nephrology and cardiology. Their branch in Hyderabad specializes in cardiology.

King Koti Road, Abids, Hyderabad
Phone: + 91-40-66924444
Email: enquiries@wockhardthospitals.net

Yashoda Hospital
Yashoda Hospitals has over 1050 beds capacity and is one of the biggest corporate in India in the field of super specialty hospitals.

Raj Bhavan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad
Phone: + 91-40-2331 9999

U.S Consulate/U.S. Commercial Service Office

Consulate General of the United States of America, Hyderabad
Paigah Palace
1-8-323, Chiran Fort Lane
Begumpet, Secunderabad 500 003
Tel: +91 (40) 4033-8300
Email: HydACS@state.gov
Web Site: http://hyderabad.usconsulate.gov

U.S. Commercial Service, Hyderabad
American Consulate General
152, First Floor, Hotel Taj Deccan
Road No. 1, Banjara Hills
Hyderabad 500 034
Tel: 91-40-2330 5000/2330 4025
Fax: 91-40-2330 0130
E-mail: office.hyderabad@trade.gov
Website: http://www.buyusa.gov/india/index.asp

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