Medica 2017: USDOC Business Center, Showcase Global Market and Exhibitor Outreach Event Detailed Event Information For Medica 2017: USDOC Business Center, Showcase Global Market and Exhibitor Outreach Event
Medica 2017: USDOC Business Center, Showcase Global Market and Exhibitor Outreach Event -- Biotechnology, Health Care Services, Laboratory Scientific Instruments, Medical Eq.
Location/Date: Dusseldorf, Germany 11/13/2017 - 11/16/2017
Event Summary:
Considered the world's most important and largest international fair for medical equipment, the annual Medica draws 130,000 trade visitors from 120 countries. Its COMPAMED section, focused on medical manufacturing, features over 779 exhibitors. Medica features over 5,000 exhibitors from 70 foreign countries exhibiting in in 19 halls comprising over 1.5 million square. Products include medical equipment and services; hospital equipment and supplies; laboratory technology and diagnostics; building engineering; digital health; therapeutics and orthopedics. As the second-largest foreign contingent after China, the United States features over 500 companies as official exhibitors, of which around 250 are in three U.S. Pavilions. Approximately 20 new-to-market/increase-to-market U.S. firms participating in CS Germany's "USDOC Business Center" program as part of the Global Markets initiative. Further details on the program are available at

Previous comments by Business Center participants range from "most effective" to "a little too productive" and “fabulous results”. Similarly, expectations among the U.S. exhibitors in the three U.S. pavilions in Halls 3, 8, and 16 (which includes the Compamed-medical manufacturing section) recruited by Chicago-based Messe Dusseldorf North America, are more than fulfilled every year. Medica remains the most important trade event of its kind in the world. See also for U.S. Pavilion application.

Also available to all U.S. exhibitors are our “Exhibitor Outreach" and Showcase Global programs, including meetings with country experts and B2B matchmaking, by which the U.S. Commercial Service:

- Alert potential German and international partners that you will be at the show.

- Informs, via contact databases, local distributors in a number of other European countries through our Europe-wide network of U.S. Commercial Service offices at other U.S. Embassies and Consulates that you will be exhibiting, and invite them to visit your booth.

- Arranges counseling meetings with our industry specialists from U.S. Embassies around the world to help you determine your market entry strategy in markets of interest.

- Inform you how to protect new designs you may be showing, and to take expedited action against foreign exhibitors who copy your design and trademarks. Please see important information about trademark and design protection at German trade fairs on our website:

- Provides information on how to apply for VAT tax refunds. Please see

- Consults you on the services we offer to exporters of American-made products, including the possibility to be featured on our official U.S. Commercial Service website in Germany to generate additional business leads, for ad hoc interpreting, counseling, or logistics assistance.

Please visit our website to register and/or contact Senior Commercial Specialist Anette Salama at if you have questions or are in need of assistance.

The Global Healthcare Team uses Medica and Showcase Global activities to launch the annual Healthcare Resource Guide, an overview of 75 international markets with market insight, regulatory and contact information.

- Let us know which of these services you may be interested in, or, contact us for specific questions. We'll try to help wherever we can!

- We look forward to seeing you at MEDICA 2017!

IMPORTANT NOTE ON INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS (IPR): The U.S. Commercial Service in Germany is proactively engaged in defending American companies against counterfeit and copyright infringement. IPR is an important part of corporate value and international competitiveness. U.S. trademark, design and patent rights do not of themselves provide protection in Germany or the rest of the European Union (EU); U.S. companies must protect their IPR here in Europe. It is possible to register in countries individually or, for EU-wide trademark and design protection, there are a Community Trademark (CTM) and Registered Community Design (RCD). These provide a single right that protects industrial design or trademark in the entire 25-nation EU mega-market of 450 million people. Both national trademarks and the CTM can be registered through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The U.S. Commercial Service can provide information on EU-wide protection for IPR and defend IPR in Europe at trade fairs. More information is available on our website:

Please also visit our website to obtain info about U.S. Commercial Service programs and services designed to help U.S. exporters succeed in the German and European markets, and about VAT recovery procedures.

The Global Industry Focused Promotion (GIFP) trade lead program offers your company the opportunity to maximize the number of potential international business partners you connect with through your presence at Medica 2017. This free, innovative promotional program for U.S. exhibitors at Medica 2017 creates automated international trade lead generated through international buyers who visit our official GIFP site on, which will be posted here in 2017. This program leverages our U.S. Commercial Service network in U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world to promote your company to international buyers who will attend Medica 2017, and also to international buyers unable to attend the show but interested in potential business with U.S. exhibitors at Medica 2017. The GIFP utilizes e-marketing, e-mail, mailings and fax campaigns to help generate international buyers interested in participating in this automated trade lead program. Once a qualified trade lead has selected your company on the Medica 2017 IFP site, you and the U.S. Commercial Service office nearest to you are automatically notified.

The Executive Market Counseling (formerly “Showtime”) program at Medica 2017 provides the opportunity for your company to meet one-on-one with our U.S. Commercial Service Trade Specialists attending Medica from various countries/regions (usually 15-20 markets represented). These Trade Specialists are available to discuss with your company export market development for your products in their respective international markets and to help you learn what opportunities exist in each market for your products and services. Showtime meetings can be arranged at your Medica booth. Showtime appointments with our Trade Specialists offer U.S. companies information and business counseling on the market opportunities, trade and consumer trends, market regulations and product registration for U.S. products for countries represented in this program. On-line registration for this program will be posted in late August/early September 2017.

Anette Salama, Dusseldorf
Senior Commercial Specialist
Phone: 49-211-737-767-60
Sabine Winkels, Dusseldorf
Commercial Specialist
Phone: 49-211-737-767-40
Uta Kirst, Dusseldorf
Commercial Specialist
Phone: 49 211-737-767-80
Ryan Klemm, Messe Dusseldorf North America

Phone: (312) 781-5180
Leandro Solorzano, Fort Lauderdale
Senior International Trade Specialist
Phone: 954-356-6647
Shelby Peterson, Salt Lake City
Business and Industry Specialist
Phone: 801-255-1872
Ken Walsh, Dusseldorf
Principal Commercial Officer
Phone: +49-(0)-211-737-767-10
Amber Freier, Berlin
Administrative Assistant
Phone: +49 30-8305-1980

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