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SVIAZ EXPO COMM MOSCOW 2008 Detailed Event Information For SVIAZ EXPO COMM MOSCOW 2008
SVIAZ EXPO COMM MOSCOW 2008 -- Computers/Peripherals, Computer Software, Computer Services, Telecommunications Eq., Telecommunications Services
Location/Date: Moscow, Russia 05/12/2008 - 05/16/2008
Event Summary:

The 20th annual


May 12-16, 2008

Telecommunications Technologies

Krasnaya Presnya Fairgrounds

Moscow, Russia Ref: 27329\moscow






This fair is the best exhibition of its type in Russia. It embraces all telecommunications technologies, information technology, and wireless and broadband technology. Related goods and services are also welcome.

The world's leading telecommunications and IT equipment manufacturers and service providers attend the annual SVIAZ EXPO COMM MOSCOW to meet with top government officials and corporate decision makers from throughout Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). EXPO COMM, with its international heritage and emphasis on carrier grade switching technology and network management technology, brings an in-depth focus on the most basic service needs of business and residential subscribers.

Founded in 1984, E.J. Krause & Associates is one of the largest U.S. owned exhibition companies. It is recognized worldwide as a major organizer of exhibitions and conferences, producing events in the United States, Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

E.J. Krause produces over 80 events around the world in such diverse industries as: telecommunications, computer, environmental, paper, forestry, metal working, petroleum, agriculture, sports, and security.

E.J. Krause is a leader in the field of telecommunications and computer exhibitions worldwide. EXPO COMM events are now present in 15 major markets around the world with over 1 million professional visitors.

We anticipate having 50 U.S. exhibitors in the U.S.A. Pavilion. Efforts are being made to have one fourth of these composed of new to market or new to export firms.

Planned number of Exhibitors:

U.S. Exhibitors: 50

International Exhibitors: 250

Domestic Exhibitors: 425

Total: 675

NUMBER OF VISITORS: 30,000 high-level decision makers

GROSS AREA OF FAIR: 17,000 square meters


Option #1 Package Space/Complete Shell Stand is available in 3m x 3m units at US$5,697 per unit. Multiple units are available.

Package Space/Complete Shell Stand includes:

Exhibitor Service Package

Exhibit space

Carpeted floor

Wastepaper basket

One desk

One electrical outlet and electrical consumption

Sign panel in Russian / English

Walls on three sides

Two chairs

Two fluorescent lights

Option #2 Raw Space - Raw space is available at US$470 per square meter, with a minimum required purchase of 27 square meters.

Raw Space includes only the space and Exhibitor Service Package.


Our Service Package is designed to meet the particular requirements of the Russian market. This package offers necessary support services to all exhibitors as follows:

Marketing: Our staff will arrange meetings between exhibitors and appropriate Russian end users upon request.

Show Catalog: Listing by company in English and Russian, including detailed listings of the company's products and services.

Interpreters: A referral service for ordering interpreters and explainers will be available, although companies are urged to provide their own language trained staff.

Shipping Assistance: Our freight forwarder will offer a package for scheduling exhibitor freight to and from the exhibit site and all necessary shipping and disposal data.

Translation Assistance: Referral services for the translation of product literature will be available.

Travel Assistance: Our travel agent will offer a package including hotel accommodations, as well as personal travel planning and tours.

Cleaning: Daily cleaning of hall and exhibits. Additional cleaning services may be contracted by the exhibitor.

Security: Round the clock exhibit hall security.


Admission is a fee of 150 Rubles, or by exhibitor invitation.

DESCRIPTION OF TECHNICAL PROGRAM: In addition to the equipment displays, five days of Individual Technical Seminar (ITS) presentations will be developed by the exhibiting companies.

PRODUCT CATEGORIES TO BE DISPLAYED: The following list of products should be used as a general guideline for products and services to be exhibited at SVIAZ EXPO COMM MOSCOW. This list is not all inclusive. It should be noted that this product composition is sensitive and specific to the demands of the local market, and therefore may change according.

Antennas, Towers & Earth Stations

Broadband Technology

Cable, Connectors & Accessories

Cellular Telephony

Communication Satellites Equipment

Customer Premises Equipment

Data Base Management Systems

Defense Electronics & Telecommunications Equipment

Digital Switching Technology

Fiber Optics

High Speed Data Transmission Equipment

Information Technology

International Direct Dialing

International Paid Private Circuits

Internet Protocols

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network )

ISPs, VPNs, Enterprise Networks

Maritime Communications Systems

Micro Computers

Microwave Equipment

Mobile Communications Equipment

Mobile Computing

Network Platforms, such as PAN, LAN, MAN and WAN

Packet Switching Equipment

Paging Equipment

Personal Communications Systems ( PCS Technology)

Protocols, such as CDMA, TDMA, GSM and PHS Technology

Personal Handy telephone Systems

Global systems for mobile communications

Code divide multiple access

Time divide multiple access

Satellite Communications Equipment

Telephone Exchange Equipment


Test Equipment and Systems

Value Added Network

Voice over IP


Wireless fidelity

Wireless Data

Wireless Telecommunications Equipment and Systems


SVIAZ EXPO COMM MOSCOW is targeted to the national and regional procurement authorities within Russia's wireline and wireless network operators for telecommunications, internet and wireless/broadband services. In addition, SVIAZ EXPO COMM MOSCOW attracts a wide range of foreign visitors within the telecommunications, internet and IT industries worldwide.

If you would like to buy exhibit space in Expo Comm Events organized and produced around the world, please contact:

Mr. Eric M. Slivka

Director of Marketing

E. J. Krause & Associates, Inc

6550 Rock Spring Drive

Suite 500

Bethesda, MD 20817 - 1126

Tel: 301 - 493 - 5500 ext: 3366

Fax: 301 - 493 - 5705

e mail:\moscow

U. S. Embassy contact:

Mr. William Thorn

Commercial Officer

U.S. Embassy, Moscow

U.S. Commercial Service


Tel: 7-495-737-5030

Fax: 7-495-737-5033 +

Also: Ms. Elizaveta Minyaeva, Senior Marketing Advisor

Molly costa

Scott Bozak

Irina lakaeva

Natalia ivanova


William E. Corfitzen, Project Officer

Tel: 202 – 482 – 0584

Fax: 202 - 482 – 0115


Mr. Eric M. Slivka, E. J. Krause & Associates, Inc.

Phone: 301 - 493 - 5500, ext 3366
William Corfitzen, Trade Event Programs
International Trade Specialist
Phone: 202-482-0584
William Thorn, ORUE
Commercial Officer
Phone: + 32 (2) 811-5034
Elizaveta Minyaeva, Moscow
Commercial Assistant
Phone: 7 495 737-5035

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