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Bellevue, WA • September 13-15, 2016


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International Buyer Delegates

Medical Engineering for Trading & General Contracting

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Medical Engineering is a sister company of Al Mansouryah Group. The company has two divisions, a general contracting division and a trading division. Both of divisions complement each other to make the company one of the most specialized companies in the construction and equipping of hospitals and health care facilities. The company’s services include designing, planning, project management, equipping, commissioning, training, and general maintenance contracts. The company has already executed more than 800 projects in the healthcare field, providing turnkey solutions to various clients in both the public and private sectors.

Seeking the Following: Medical Engineering for Trading and General Contracting would like to meet with companies that complement the Medical Engineering product and service offerings, including manufacturers/suppliers of Original equipment and instruments, furniture, diagnostic equipment and PACS, laboratory equipment and instruments, as well as American companies in the design, project management, electro-mechanical and plumbing, and hospital operation and maintenance services.

M/S. Vengom Impex

Location: Mumbai, India

We Have a Great Pleasure in introducing ourselves as Vengom Impex, based at Mumbai, India, the Financial Capital of India; with a motive of introducing and developing Markets for the technologically innovative ideas into products that deliver greater value for money and usefulness.

Seeking the Following: Vengom Impex is looking to connect with the manufacturers of medical device and consumables at the conference in September. The U.S. companies they meet with must be also willing to provide initial sales support, market penetration and after sales services for a long term relationship in India.

Soham Enterprises

Location: Mumbai, India


Soham Enterprises has been a distributor for last 16 years the in the healthcare field as a distributor for various companies specializing in orthopedic, general surgery, cardiology, ophthalmic, gynecology.

Seeking the Following: Soham Enterprises is looking to connect with U.S. Manufacturers in the Orthopedic, general surgery cardiology, ophthalmic, gynecology, radiology, and wound care sub sectors.

Columbia Life Science

Location: Mumbai, India

Columbia Life Science is one of the largest importers for medical gloves; and representative of top US Companies in the field of oncology and trauma.

Seeking the Following: Columbia Life Science is looking for U.S. Companies in the Medical Non-Wovens/Masks/Artificial Saliva/Emergency Oral Medicine fields.

Admirus Marksol Private Limited

Location: Mumbai, India

Admirus has established itself as a preferred choice for both foreign manufacturers’ as well governmental organizations.

Seeking the Following: Admirus has been actively involved with the launch as well re-marketing of all types of products connected with healthcare. Their primary focus has been on medical devices, particularly those used in critical care, IVF treatments and in orthopedic and gynecological cases. Admirus’ main objective in attending the conference is to meet and connect with the manufacturers of medical devices, particularly in the fields of critical care, orthopedics, IVF and gynecology segments.   Admirus is also building India’s first e-commerce platform exclusively for medical devices, and are looking at including as many products as possible so that manufacturers, scientists/ entrepreneurs and distributors of novel products can make a reliable, hassle-free market entry with the highest visibility.

Gertrude's Children's Hospital

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Gertrude's Children's Hospital, Nairobi Kenya is the longest established pediatric hospital in East and Central Africa. Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital was founded in 1947, with the donation of land by Colonel Ewart Grogan, pioneer extraordinaire, in memory of his beloved wife, Gertrude Edith. The hospital is reaching out into peripheral clinics to offer child health services, vaccination and primary care.  The care model used by Gertrude’s is very successful and won a Millennium Development Goal Award and is being copied by other providers in the country. Gertrude's Children's Hospital is a charitable Trust, meaning that all profits are put back into the hospital. It is overseen by a Board of Trustees who offers their services voluntarily in the day-to-day running of the hospital, since they are responsible for all policy decisions. Revenues provide the main monetary income for the hospital's routine management and any surplus the hospital generates is reinvested into the facilities, allowing it to buy more equipment and expand services. Gertrude's is often reliant on donors for the purchase of the expensive pediatric equipment it requires to remain an up-to-date organization. Now with 100 beds, 11 outpatient centers within Nairobi and urban-Nairobi, the hospital admits roughly 6000 patients and 300,000 outpatients a year. Children’s hospitals are unique, the main fact that Gertrude’s concentrate on children alone is a strategic advantage. Gertrude’s Institute of Child Health and Research Pediatrics is widely practiced so the hospital realized that it needed to support training of skilled health workers who can actually treat and attend to children; not only for Kenya but for the region. Some of the courses are international such as the pediatrics program. The hospital is also looking at achieving a Joint Commission International Accreditation in early 2015. Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital believes in creating environments for families and children, where great healthcare can be provided: “That’s how we work in our design and everything else that we do”.

Seeking the Following: Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital is looking for medical equipment, laboratory equipment, surgical supplies, information technology, imaging equipment, peripheral devices, telemedicine, and hospital management information systems.

Rakaa Medical Company


Location:  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Rakaa Medical Co. Ltd began its commercial activities in 1995 as a company dedicated to the provision of healthcare products. The company has endeavored throughout its existence to provide its clients distinguished services and products, enabling the company to establish itself as a leader in this sector. Today, the list of services and goods the company provides spans over a wide range of the services and goods required for the provision of healthcare.

Seeking the Following:  Generics, pharmaceutical preparations, vitamins and supplements.

Leader Healthcare

Location: Saudi Arabia

Leader Healthcare is a multinational company established in 2009 with the goal of introducing innovative healthcare solutions to UAE and the Gulf region. The organization’s Headquarters is based in one of the world’s richest and fast growing cities, Dubai.  This location enables their pervasive commitment in providing the most comprehensive product range and service solutions in specialties that include Emergency & Resuscitation, Ophthalmology, Spa & Wellness, Neurology, General Medicine & Hospital Furniture, Pulmonology, ENT, General Surgery, Dermatology, Critical Care, Project & Services, Operating Room Solutions, Medical Simulation, Education, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, Radiology, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Respiratory & Home Healthcare . Leader Healthcare representatives visit international trade shows to build business relationships with experienced and innovative medical equipment manufactures that cater perfectly with their lines of business in the GCC and Asian Medical Industry. For more information please visit

Seeking the Following: Leader Healthcare representative would like to meet with U.S. companies that can provide innovative and the next generation equipment in different fields, including: Emergency Medical Services; Education and Simulation; Robotic and Modern Physical Rehabilitation; ENT; Ophthalmology; Surgical; Medical Furniture; Healthcare Capital Equipment (project oriented); as well as Surgical and Dermatology. 

Homecare Medicals/ Mid-Continent Equipment Group Pte Ltd

Location:  Singapore

Homecare Medicals is a one-stop online supplier of Homecare Medical Devices and Supplies. We are focused on delivery of quality products to our customers at competitive prices. We are a customer-centric company and quick delivery with strong after sales support are hallmarks of our service.

Seeking the Following:  Respiratory products, mobility aids, powered mobility, blood pressure monitors, sphygmomanometers, blood glucose monitors, lancets, oxygen therapy concentrators, nebulizers, masks, aerosol therapy nebulizers and compressors, pulse oximeters, rehabilitative exercise equipment, stretchers, resuscitators, First Aid Boxes Clinical Disposables, Disinfectants, Gloves, Masks, Syringe & Needles, Tube Feedings, Wound Dressings, Commodes and Bath Aids, Furniture Patient Support, Adult Diapers, Catheters,  IV Needs, Medication, Nutrition Supplements, Protective Pants, Skin Preparations, Under-pads, Wipes. (VIPSHOP)

Location: Guangzhou, China is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: VIPS) with over 180 million registered members and generated $6.2 Billion USD in revenue for 2015. Almost 80% of’s customers are females who are high profile and make purchasing decisions for the entire household. customers are looking for interesting and innovative overseas products to improve their lifestyle. is selective with the brands and products they feature online and offer customers a curated assortment at great prices.

Seeking the Following:  Food, nutritional supplements, household consumables, maternity.

China National Instruments Import n Export Corporation

Location: Beijing, China

This company is one of the largest medical devices distributors in China and also is very experienced in bidding and tendering for healthcare projects by Chinese hospitals, which are major buyers of US equipment and services. They will be able to provide services and suggestion related to registration, importation and distribution to US companies as well.

Seeking the Following: Hi-tech US medical devices and instruments, including: orthopedic, rehabilitation instruments, consumables, nutritional supplements, etc.


Location: Managua, Nicaragua

COFARCA, S.A. is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the import and distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, periodic replacement material, etc.  COFARCA stands as one of the strong national non-governmental providers and Central level Ministry of Health of Nicaragua, agencies, hospitals, private clinics, pharmacies chains.

Seeking the Following:  Oncology drugs, institutional medicines, prescription medicines, medical equipment.

Distribuidora Cesar Guerrero L., S.A. (DICEGSA)

Location: Managua, Nicaragua

DICEGSA is a distributor of pharmaceutical and consumer products.  Founded in 1955 as a drugstore, it is now one of the largest companies that covers the whole territory, distributing local, regional and global brands.

Seeking the Following:  Medical devices; pharmaceutical products; hospital equipment; clinical laboratory equipment; reagents for clinical laboratory; prosthesis; orthotics. 

VMG Healthcare Products. S.A.

Location:  San Jose, Costa Rica

VMG Healthcare Products started in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1998 as an importer and distributor of surgical instruments for the institutional market.  Since then the company has grown into a multifaceted, multi-product global corporation representing companies from India, USA, Europe, China and Latin America. Today VMG Healthcare Products is one of the largest wholesale distribution companies for public sector in pharmaceutical and medical products. Around 17 years ago VMG determined that society with its present-day health consciousness lays a heavy demand on medicine. Since then VMG is constantly aware of this responsibility and understands how important and strong the confidence is in their company’s capability to offer top quality products.

Seeking the Following: New products, primarily for hospital use, related to anesthesia, surgery and oncology. They are also interested in any new innovative products and disposables.


Location: Wellington, New Zealand

The Pharmaceutical Management Agency (PHARMAC) is the central procurement agency for New Zealand’s public health system. They represent a major share of purchasing done by the public health systems for the 200+ public hospitals in NZ, which have an estimated annual budget $11 billion. PHARMACA has always managed the purchase and supply of specific subsidized medication/ pharmaceuticals and as July 2017 they will also manage the purchase and supply of devices and equipment that will go into the 200+ hospitals that form the core of the public health system in New Zealand.

Seeking the Following: Comprehensive range of pharmaceuticals, technology, equipment, new knowledge, insights into best practice, capitalization models, etc.

Viet Gia Healthcare

Location:  Hanoi, Vietnam

Viet Gia Healthcare was established in August 2008 and specializes in trading medical equipment for operating rooms, intensive care, emergency and medical equipment for cardiovascular diagnostics, intervention and surgery.  VietGia also provides technical services for medical/scientific equipment; consulting services in healthcare and medical equipment.  VietGia now is the distributor for Maquet (Germany) heart-lung machine, ECMO, IABP, ventilator, operating light and table; CustoMed (Germany) ECG, holter ECG & ABPM, stress ECG, telemedicine;

RZ Medizintechnik (Germany) surgical instruments, endoscopic equipment and instruments; Omron (Japan) professional blood monitor, non-invasive vascular screening device.

Seeking the Following:  VietGia is interested in working with US companies in cardiovascular, neurosurgery and basic hospital/medical equipment.  


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