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What do our clients say - GKS

October 2013, GKS Cincinnati Test Systems

“The people were fantastic to work with and very helpful including transfers and hotel information. Great Team.” Greg Popp, Cincinnati Test Systems

June 2013, GKS Hampden Engineering

“The staff was exceptional and met all our needs. They went above and beyond our expectations.” Michael Flynn, Hampden Engineering Corporation

June 2013 / NIDA Corporation

“The service we received from this office was the best and most detailed of any Gold Key Commercial Service that we received while traveling through Eastern Europe. Although the other offices did a very good job, the Prague office provided comprehensive reports, had done a very good job of filtering potential meeting members, and provided top-notch assistance during our stay. Thank you for the Excellent service provided by the staff.” Kevin Gulliver, NIDA Corporation

May 2013 / GKS Global Security Systems

“Luda Taylor is great to work with! Thank you! Very quick rate of response, very organized, and easy to work with.” Aggie Sikora, Global Security Systems

January 2013, GKS CDD

“Thank you for excellent assistance in understanding market prior to meetings, referral to translation/interpretation services, and follow-up with all relevant stakeholders.” Cara Laubach, Center for Disease Detection

October 2012 / GKS JAX, Inc.

“I was pleased with the staff at the Prague Commercial Service. Jana was very nice to work with, and did some good research for us into the Czech market.” Kyle Peter, JAX Inc.

October 2012 / GKS Point Black Enterprises

“Hana Obrusnikova is a real asset to your service. Very professional with good connections and understanding of the Czech market.” John L. Wilson, Point Black Enterprises

April 2012, GKS TAMSCO

“I was very happy with the services provided by Veronika. She went above and beyond assisting in my business needs. She was also good enough to follow through on the meetings that were setup.” Jay Younis

June 2011, GKS AFC

“The offered service was beyond our expectations. Very Efficient , fast service and extremely experienced and qualified staff. Very highly recommended to any other U.S. company looking for a rep. in the Czech Republic. Extremely satisfied with the service and the outcome. Thank you so much and keep up the good service.” Pierre Hatem AFC cop

May 2011, GKS Dongan Electric Manufacturing Company

“Zdenek was professional and helpful once again. He is one of the best.” Steve Polonis

May 2011, GKS Dongan Electric Manufacturing Company

“Zdenek was professional and helpful once again. He is one of the best.” Steve Polonis, Dongan Electric Manufacturing Company

April 2011, GKS Eureka

“Excellent!! I would highly recommend using this service. Not only were they very effective through the initial phases of the activity, but have continued to provide support and guidance through the follow-up phase. Outstanding service!!” Zach Sorrells, Eureka Ranch

April 2011, GKS Mathnasium

“Jana did a great job communicating with me before and during the visit. The candidates were excellent.” Robert Kirschner, Mathnasium

October 2010, GKS Dongan Electric Mfg.

"I want to thank you for taking the time to meet with us in Prague. I know that you must have a very busy schedule. We very impressed with the city but more importantly very impressed with Zdenek. He handled all of the arrangements and meetings professionally and efficiently. I have done a few Gold Key Services now and while I have had some very good experiences with some good people at other Embassies, Zdenek was one of the best that I have worked with." Steve Polonis, Dongan Electric Mfg. Co.

June 2010, GKS Office 1 Superstores International

“This is the best run commercial service and the local employee in charge of this project went way beyond what we have come to expect from the experience. This post is doing well for the US and well for its clients. I speak from experience in more than twenty gold keys in various areas of the world.” Mark Baccash, Office 1 Superstores International

April 2010, GKS Electronic Systems Protection (ESP)

"Zdenek Svoboda was the US Commercial Specialist who arranged the Gold Key Service and participated in the meetings. He did an excellent job of pre-qualifying the candidates and assisted in translating difficult concepts that I was trying to explain. He had obviously spent the time studying my company and my products and was abe to see and explain the applications of it in his country. As a result, we had several companies and potential end-users very interested in ESP and I am currently following up on a potential distributor for our products. I would highly recommend Zednek to anyone interested in exporting to the Czech Republic." Gary Shallo, Electronic Systems Protection (ESP)

March 2010, GKS DynEd Europe B.V.

"If we wanted to get our people to work for us there, it wouldnt have been this successful. we ve had one of the best services, which we couldnt have asked for more. Over all we were extremely satisfied with the service we got and hospitality we were shown." Kaan Kayahan, DynEd Europe B.V.

February 2010, GKS Elmet Technologies Inc.

"Zdenek Svoboda was extremely helpful and found companies that were a good fit for our business quickly and efficiently. The meetings held as a result, were constructive and will hopefully lead to a productive partnership for us and our selected operator in the Czech Repubic. I would have no hesitation in recommending this service to any other business." Fern Opie, Elmet Technologies, Inc.

October 2009, GKS Exponation/Digital Signage (part of Las Vegas Trade Mission)

"Dear Greg and Zdenek, our heartfelt thanks for your tireless efforts last week, helping to make our trade mission visit both productive and enjoyable. We made many valuable contacts and hope to continue developing those relationships over the coming months. We would be interested in continuing our work with the U.S. Commercial Service, too, potentially hosting trade missions for our industry at some point in the future." Mr. Angelo Varrone, Exponation, LLC

June 2009, GKS Capewell Components

"I found the process to be extremely helpful and time-saving. The representative who assisted me (Hana) was very knowledgeable and brought talented companies for me to meet with. She communicated well keeping me informed throughout the process. In the end, all of my needs were met and I definitely will be using the gold key service again." Mr. Michael Voisine, Capewell Components

June 2009, GKS M.K.Morse

"I wish to offer special thanks for the quality leads and attention given. This was particularly appreciated in light of the short amount of time that was provided. The result was our being able to sign up a new customer ..." Mr. Chip Tomlinson, M.K.Morse

April 2009, GKS Ward Manufacturing

"Translator was absolutely excellent. Meetings were highly relevant, of sufficient seriousness; both commercial and bureaucratic (in the sense that government entities are important to the process); follow up so far has been very good. I can't say how pleased I am with the process. Please keep in mind that several of us suggested that you use people like me to help explain the process to new prospective clients - knowing the client's point of view and successful experiences would be a great help in "selling" this service to others. I look forward to continuing to work with this process!" Mr. Tibor Egervary, VP Marketing & Sales Ward Mfg.

January 2009, GKS Global Parts & Machinery

"Zdenek, in the Prague office, did a great job of researching clients, setting up GK meetings and communicating with myself and my Czech partner. It appears we will have a successful adventure in the Czech Republic. Thank you very much." Mr. Lynn Wright, Global Parts & Machinery

December 2008, GKS Realogy/Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, Llc.

"The service I received was top notch. Jana Ruckerova was present at my meetings so she could understand what we were looking to achieve. She translated where necessary and gave valuable insights regarding the local market and our offering. Our success is in great part due to Jana and her diligenence. I believe we will find the appropriate master franchisor and I would highly recommend her to my colleagues for any future projects." Mr. Kumar Patel, Realogy/Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, Llc.

May 2008, GKS W. W. Grainger, Int.

"Zdenek Svoboda was extremely helpful from beginning to end and helped me tremendously. I would definitely recommend his work." Ms. Amy Haneberg, W. W. Grainger, Int.

April 2008; GKS Milliman, Inc.

“I couldn't be happier with the service I received from the Gold Key Matching Service. Veronika Novakova was extremely helpful. She provided useful background information, took the time to learn about my company, scheduled five very productive meetings, and gave me all the support I needed. I would use the service again and will tell others about it, too. Thanks for everything!” John Meerschaert, Milliman, Inc.

April 2008; GKS Mountain Springs Spas

“I enjoyed meeting with you on Thursday morning and would like to congratulate Veronika and your other staff for setting up a series of excellent meetings for me. I am sure that they will result in export sales for Mountain Springs Spas. I’ll let you know when we make our first sales!” Fraser McLeay, Director of Int. Marketing, Mountain Springs Spas

June 2007; GKS Pacific Bag, Inc.

"The staff was very helpful and accomodating - the meetings were effective. I am impressed with Czech business climate and mind set. We are pursuing several opportunities and we hope to generate business in 2007 or 2008." Mr, Mark Howley, Pacific Bag, Inc.

October 2006; GKS CSI Leasing

"Great experience, would definitely recommend further. We were able to meet with valuable contacts and now have a great start into the market." Mr. Martin Kardos, CSI Leasing

August 2006; GKS HyRadix, Inc.

"The commercial services specialist with whom I worked, Hana Obrusnikova, is an absolute star within the organization. She is hard working, dedicated and thorough. I feel so thankful to have had her helping me with this service." Leanne Charnas, Director of Sales, Europe, HyRadix, Inc.

June 2006; GKS Networld Inc.

"I want to thank you again for your hard work and for the help you have extended to us and to Networld Inc. in pursuit of Travel Service as a business partner. We are totally indebted to you for your kind assistance and, more importantly, for your very effective assistance in opening all the doors we asked you to open. Davor Gjivoje Jr., CEO, Networld Inc."

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