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Resources for Doing Business in Colombia

This publication gives you a listing of the key resources that U.S. companies should find useful in exploring export or investment opportunities for Colombia.

However, we encourage you to contact us first to discuss how we may able to assist you

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Andean Development Corp. (CAF): www.caf.com

Andean Community (CAN): www.comunidadandina.org

ANDI (National Industries Association): www.andi.com.co

ANIF (Financial Entities Association): http://anif.co/

Association of Automotive Importers and Exporters: www.asopartes.com

Association of Flower Exporters: www.asocolflores.org

Banco de la República (Central Bank): www.banrep.gov.co

Bancoldex (Foreign Trade Bank) www.bancoldex.com

Banking Association: www.asobancaria.com

Banking Superintendence: www.superfinanciera.gov.co

Bivac de Colombia S.A.: www.bureauveritas.com.co

Bogotá Chamber of Commerce: www.ccb.org.co

Cambio Magazine: www.cambio.com.co

CNTV (National TV Commission): www.cntv.org.co

Colombian Agricultural Institute- ICA: www.ica.gov.co

Colombian Association of Airlines (ALAICO): www.alaico.org
Colombian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (ANATO): www.anato.org
Colombian Hotels Association (COTELCO): www.cotelco.org
Colombian Special Administrative Unit for Civil Aeronautics (UAEAC): www.aerocivil.gov.co

Colombian Association of Hospitals and Clinics: www.achc.org.co
Colombian Association of Medical Business: www.acemi.org.co

Colombian Association of Systems Engineers: www.acis.org.co

Colombian Association of Banks: http://www.asobancaria.com/portal/page/portal/Asobancaria/inicio

Colombian Coffee Growers Federation: www.cafedecolombia.com

Colombian Construction Chamber: www.camacol.org.co

Colombian Customs and Income Tax Offices (DIAN): International Commerce Bulletin: http://www.dian.gov.co/dian/14cifrasgestion.nsf/e7f1561e16ab32b105256f0e00741478/a02b47038628e5610525733e0059549a?OpenDocument

Colombian Customs and Income Tax Offices (DIAN): www.dian.gov.co

Colombian Engineers Society: www.sci.org.co

Colombian Export Promotion Bureau: Colombia Sector Profile Agro-industry: http://www.inviertaencolombia.com.co/Adjuntos/087_Perfil%20Sector%20Agroindustrial.pdf

Colombian Export Promotion Bureau: www.proexport.com.co

Colombian Government: Citizens, Economy and Commerce: http://www.gobiernoenlinea.gov.co/web/guest/informate?ref=link23#pr=_TaxonomyBrowser_WAR_taxonomybrowserportlet_profiletabs-citizen&au=_TaxonomyBrowser_WAR_taxonomybrowserportlet_audience0

Colombian Government: Companies, Economy and Commerce


Colombian Government: http://www.gobiernoenlinea.gov.co/web/guest

Colombian Grain Growers Federation: www.fenalce.org.co

Colombian Infrastructure Chamber (CCI): www.infraestructura.org.co

Colombian Petroleum Association: www.acp.com.co

Colombia Stock Exchange: http://www.bvc.com.co/pps/tibco/portalbvc

Colombian Tele-Informatics Chamber: www.ccit.org.co

Colombian-American Chamber of Commerce: www.amchamcolombia.com.co

Council of American Companies (CEA): http://www.ceacolombia.com/es/

CREG (Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission): www.creg.gov.co

CRT (Telecommunications Regulatory Commission): http://www.crcom.gov.co/

DANE (Statistics Bureau): www.dane.gov.co

Dinero Newspaper: www.dinero.com

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC): www.eclac.org

El Espectador Newspaper: www.elespectador.com

El Tiempo Newspaper: www.eltiempo.com.co

Export-Import Bank of The United States (EXIMBANK): www.exim.gov

FENALCO (Merchants Association): www.fenalco.com.co

Health Colombia Online Magazine: www.saludcolombia.com

Industry And Commerce Superintendence: www.sic.gov.co

Instituto Nacional de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos (INVIMA): www.invima.gov.co

International Airport Operator (OPAIN):  www.elnuevodorado.com

Inter American Development Bank: www.iadb.org

International Packaging Exhibition, 2011, Bogota-Colombia: http://www.andinapack.com/

Intertek Testing Services (Customs validation): www.intertek.com

La Nota Económica Magazine: www.lanota.com

La República Newspaper: www.larepublica.com.co

Latin-American Integration Association (ALADI) http://www.aladi.org

Medellín Chamber of Commerce/Trade Point: www.camaramed.org.co

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development: www.minagricultura.gov.co

Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies: http://www.mintic.gov.co/

Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development: www.minambiente.gov.co

Ministry of Health (Ministerio de la Protección Social): http://www.minproteccionsocial.gov.co/Paginas/default.aspx

Ministry of Mines and Energy: www.minminas.gov.co

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism: www.mincomercio.gov.co

Ministry of Transportation: www.mintransporte.gov.co

National Association of Exporters: www.analdex.org

National Cattlemen’s Federation: www.fedegan.org.co

National Health Care Superintendence: www.supersalud.gov.co

National Planning Department: www.dnp.gov.co

Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC): www.opic.gov

Plastic Industries Association: www.acoplasticos.org

Portafolio Newspaper: www.portafolio.com.co

Pharmaceutical Laboratories Association (AFIDRO): www.afidro.org

Presidencia de la República (Office of the President of Colombia): www.presidencia.gov.co

Scientific Association for Health: www.sociedadescientificas.com
Semana magazine: www.semana.com

Small Business Association-Acopi: www.acopi.org.co

State Controller’s: www.contraloriagen.gov.co

State Contracting Information System (SICE): www.sice-cgr.gov.co

Superintendent of Corporations: www.supersociedades.gov.co

Trade and Development Agency: www.ustda.gov

Visit USA Committee Colombia: www.visitusacol.com

World Bank: http://www.worldbank.org/

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To view market research reports produced by the U.S. Commercial Service please go to the following website: http://www.export.gov/marketresearch.html and click on Country and Industry Market Reports.

Please note that these reports are only available to U.S. citizens and U.S. companies. Registration to the site is required, but free of charge.

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