2019 World of Concrete
International Buyer Program
January 22-25, 2019
Las Vegas, NV

Meet with Commercial and Industry Experts from
over 40 U.S. Embassies and Consulates at the 2019 World of Concrete Show

World of Concrete is the industry’s only annual international event dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries featuring leading industry suppliers featuring innovative products, construction machinery, construction equipment, safety training courses, new technologies and unlimited networking opportunities to give you new ways to sustain and grow your business. There will be more than 55,000 registrants, occupying over more than 700,000 net square feet of exhibit space for more than 1,500 exhibiting companies.

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Buyer Program (IBP), in partnership with INFORMA PLC, is excited to offer U.S. exhibitors at the 2019 World of Concrete the opportunity to connect with Commercial Specialists and buyer delegations to increase your export opportunities in the following markets:


Burkina Faso









South Africa




The Americas









Dominican Republic


El Salvador








Trinidad & Tobago

Asia & Oceania





Korea (South)

New Zealand









United Kingdom

North Africa & Middle East






Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates

*Please check back for updates as the list of countries is likely to change

The 2019 World of Concrete Show is a proud participant in the International Buyer Program (IBP) at the U.S. Department of Commerce: https://worldofconcrete.com/Attendee/Home/International/INTERNATIONALBUYERPROGRAM

There are two FREE value-add services, offered by the International Buyer Program at 2019 World of Concrete:


Meet 1-on-1 with Commercial Specialists from several U.S. Embassies and Consulates experts in the commercial concrete and masonry construction sectors in their respective countries. During your Showtime appointment, you will be briefed on market opportunities and challenges related to your product in that market. All Showtime appointments will last 20 minutes.

Showtime appointments can take place, either at your booth or at the International Business Center, located in Central Hall. There is no fee to participate. All products and services must contain at least 51% U.S. content.

* You may also request meetings covering Export Finance and U.S. Construction Industry Developments:

1- SBA: Learn about their financing programs to support U.S. exporters: “Export Express Loan”, “Export Working Capital”, “International Trade Loan”

2 - Ex-Im Bank: Learn to maximize your export potential through competitive credit terms, leveraging your capital base and protecting against non-payment.

3 – U.S. Construction Industry Developments: Department of Commerce Industry Specialist: Obtain the latest insights on trends and issues affecting the US construction materials and construction machinery industries:

  • Brian Ledgerwood, Industry Analyst, Construction Materials
  • Kit Rudd, Industry Analyst, Construction Machinery


Meet qualified international buyers before and after the show through our B2B Matchmaking Program. While registering below, be sure to “opt-in” to B2B and your company profile will be shared with pre-screened international buyers and distributors by our U.S. Embassy and Consulates in 45 countries. Some of these leads may result in meetings for you at the show. You will be notified immediately once an international buyer or partner expresses interest in your company, so you may follow-up directly to arrange a meeting.


Showtime: Jasmine.Braswell@trade.gov B2B matchmaking: Chris.Simpson@trade.gov

Deadline to register is Wednesday, January 9th. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jasmine Braswell (Jasmine.Braswell@trade.gov, 949-660-9545), or Chris Simpson (Chris.Simpson@trade.gov, 513-684-6342) with any questions. Final appointment schedules will be emailed to registrants by Monday, January 14, 2019

For Showtime and B2B Matchmaking, please complete your registration below:

*Note: If you are also interested in registering for the B2B Matchmaking, remember to check the B2B Opt-in circle in the form below. The same data will be used.  Both services are at no cost to U.S. exhibitors.

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Please select the international markets for which you would like to meet with our industry specialist. The average duration of each appointment is 20-30 minutes. Due to limited appointment slots, we ask that you select only 8 countries (in order of priority). We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

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3.          4.   

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7.          8.   
BONUS: The below appointments will be scheduled with the following offices once their presence at the show is confirmed (will not count towards you selection of 8 above):
SBA (Small Business Administration, Office of International Trade)  
Ex-Im Bank
Brian Ledgerwood, Industry Analyst, Construction Materials
Kit Rudd, Industry Analyst, Construction Machinery
Please specify the specific questions you might have for the Specialists with whom you've just requested an appointment:
Select the categories you provide products/services for:
Concrete Production   Decorative Concrete Products Foundations/Ground Prep Construction Equipment
Landscape/Hardscape Masonry Material Handling Precast/Concrete Masonry
Repair & Demolition Safety Equipment Technology/Software/Hardware  
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