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Internship at the U.S. Commercial Service

Internship Opportunity at the American Embassy – U.S. Commercial Service, Sofia, Bulgaria

(please see interns’ testimonials at the bottom of the page)

The U.S. Commercial Service is accepting applications from suitable candidates seeking experience promoting trade between the United States and Bulgaria.

What We Do

Our work pursues two key objectives:

1. To assist U.S. companies with their efforts to enter the Bulgarian market through representation, direct sales, licensing agreements, or joint ventures.

2. To assist Bulgarian companies in forming business relationships with U.S. companies by representing U.S. products, importing goods, or through joint venture and licensing arrangements.

Our office analyzes information on the Bulgarian market, facilitates contacts with local businesses, promotes U.S. products in Bulgarian marketplace, and advocates for U.S. business interests. We assist trade missions to Bulgaria and provide logistical support to U.S. companies holding product launches and exhibitions. The Sofia office works in a close cooperation with 4 other countries in the Southeast Europe region – Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Greece.

What Our Interns Do

Interns are given assignments that will provide exposure to a full range of our activities and services, and every attempt is made to give meaningful and hands-on experience where appropriate. Assignments may include the following:

  • Collecting and analyzing information for market research reports
  • Responding to enquiries from U.S. companies
  • Assisting in the preparation of trade events and trade missions
  • Assisting with U.S. Commercial Service fee-based programs such as the Gold Key Service, Single Company Promotion, International Company Profile and International Partner Search
  • Prepare presentations and marketing packages for upcoming trade shows in the United States in order to help attract foreign buyers (i.e., International Buyer Program)

Interns do not receive any compensation. No housing or any financial assistance is available. Before applying make sure you have arranged your accommodation in Sofia, Bulgaria.

To qualify, you must be:

  • A junior, senior, or postgraduate student during the semester you are applying for
  • Available for work of a minimum of 3 months
  • Able to work minimum 4 full days per week
  • Currently enrolled in an accredited college or university and returning to education after the internship ends

To apply, please first check with peter.delin@trade.gov if there is a vacant internship position available for the period you want to work and then, if you receive positive answer, please send your resume, a cover letter, and two letters of recommendation to Peter Delin to the e-mail or at the following address:

Peter Delin

Internship Coordinator

U.S. Commercial Service

U.S. Embassy Sofia

16, Kozyak Str.

Sofia 1408, BULGARIA

Tel: +359 2 939 5784

e-mail: peter.delin@trade.gov

CS Sofia Internship Program


“As Commercial Service intern, my responsibilities included conducting market and company research and analysis, working on detailed industry and due diligence reports, and assisting with preparation for upcoming trade shows. It was exciting to learn more about the internal operations of the Embassy. In a three month period, I grew both personally and professionally; I gained invaluable work experience, customer service experience, and teamwork skills that I continue to apply to this day.

The Commercial Service team is really exceptional. The specialists are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and really value the interns as an important part of the team. They were all an absolute pleasure to work with and future interns would be lucky to be a part of the team.

Overall, I gained detailed knowledge of international trade and business, worked on interesting projects, and formed great relationships. I would absolutely recommend this internship to anyone interested in international trade.”

Nadya Georgieva, 2015 Summer Intern, Wesleyan University, USA

“I highly value my internship at the U.S. Commercial Service, not only because I needed it to validate my Bachelor’s degree but also because I do believe that it helped me to enter one of the most selective master degrees in France.

During my internship at the U.S. Commercial Service, I learned a lot about the political and commercial relations between the USA and Bulgaria. I learned about some of the problems which American investors have in Bulgaria and I learned how to make draft research, and extract the most important information.

However the thing I liked the most during my internship was how I was able to assist in some of the routine and important meetings between Bulgarian and American representatives of different companies. It was then that I heard Bulgarian and U.S. points of view on some issues and learned how companies try to achieve possible solutions.

As well, this internship gave me the opportunity to work in a team and to develop some personal skills. I believe that now I am a lot more confident, accurate and efficient. The possibility to work with such professionals made me realize that you can actually love your job.”

Monika Dimitrova, 2015 Summer Intern, University of Lorrain, France

“The internship in the Commercial Service helped me tremendously in my career choice. I saw the influence of the American Government and private sector in Eastern Europe and particularly Bulgaria.

I learned from experienced leaders, met U.S. Government officials and attended meetings with Bulgarian companies and even representatives from public unions. I worked on projects with very talented and brilliant individuals who were driven and motivated to improve the business practices between the two countries.

This internship taught me how to deal with real world problems and handle real world situations, things that are not usually taught in school. I think having an internship before one graduates is a must because it shows the reality of the job. “

Ivan Stavrev, 2015 Summer Intern, Kennesaw State University, USA

“As a third year student of economics I had been looking for an opportunity to start building on my professional skills. Then I discovered the internship at the American Embassy in Sofia.

I was encouraged to do the Internship program at the Commercial Service at the U.S Embassy Sofia because it was the most appealing way to improve my academic knowledge in a real life environment. During this internship I learned a lot about the bilateral relationship between the U.S. and Bulgaria and about ‘market collaboration.’  This led to my personal desire to learn more and be part of this business setting even in the future.

Being one of the interns at the Commercial Service at US Embassy in Sofia made me focus on hard work and final results and, most importantly, on the overall process and team spirit. All the professionals I worked with not only referred to me as a “colleague", but treated me like one. They respected my opinion and trusted me to represent the Commercial Service, together with them on various business events. They encouraged me to follow my passion, which was to travel on a Work and Travel program, and then they welcomed me back to properly finish my internship.

I would definitely recommend the Internship program at the Commercial Service at the U.S Embassy Sofia to anyone who aims at establishing himself/herself in the market as a qualified employee or to anyone who is passionate about learning and meeting all the challenges of the business world.

By being part of the Commercial Service team at the U.S Embassy Sofia I earned a lot know- how, respect, communication skills, time management techniques, business etiquette and most important about how to be a friend and colleague.”

Vyara Atanasova, 2016 Spring Intern, University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria

  • For more information about the opportunity to invest in the US please contact us at: Peter.Delin@trade.gov
  • The SelectUSA program and annual summit is the best start for your export journey!
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