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U.S. Technology Program
Cologne, Germany, June 3-5, 2014

Visit the U.S. Technology and Services Pavilion

POWER-GEN Europe is this region’s largest and most important conference and trade show in the power generation sector, with more than 500 exhibitors, 13,000 attendees, 250 speakers and 1,000 delegates all converging in Cologne from June 3-5, 2014. If you plan to attend this show, and you are interested in U.S. technology, the U.S. Embassy would like to invite you to participate in a special program that includes:

  • A free pass to the trade show floor
  • 25% discount on the conference fee
  • Invitation to the U.S. Technology Pavilion reception on Tuesday June 3, 2014

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  Company Description
Cortec Corporation
Innovative, ISO-certified anti-corrosion products. Power plant owners and operators; Distributors and sales representatives throughout Europe.
CTC Global
Developer and producer of patented ACCC conductor and ancillary hardware components manufactured in California and shipped to ISO certified partners internationally, who then add the aluminum strands and ship the finished conductor to utilities worldwide. Product Representations, Utility Customers, Transmission and Distribution Companies
Europe, MEA countries.
Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Scandinavia, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech, Poland

Manufacturer of rubber insulated power cable. The company's cables are used as underground distribution cables, submarine power cables, and a variety of other specialty cables and services. Engineers in distribution as well as end-users, looking for a partner in Europe.
LSP Technologies, Inc.
LSP Technologies is the world’s premier provider of laser peening and laser bond inspection. Laser peening’s shockwave creates a deep layer that prevents fatigue loading failures: proving it is the optimum choice in metal improvement. Laser bond inspection provides bond strength NDT. AS9100/ISO9001 European utilities and power producers; turbine manufacturers.
China, Russia, Canada, Germany, Austria, France, UK

McHale & Associates, Inc.
Specialized testing, engineering, and consulting organization; industry leader in power plant performance and optimization. Power plant owners and operators in Europe.
East Europe, Latin America
Plymouth Tube Company
Plymouth Tube Company is the premier manufacturer for the power generation industry making austenitic, ferritic and super ferritic stainless steels from ½” to 2” ODs. Plymouth Tube proudly offers SEA-CURE® condenser tubing and XtraLowStress® feedwater heater tubing. Experience in special shape technology, steel and titanium extrusions. European utilities and power producers, equipment (condensers, fwh, and CCW) fabricators, and engineering and procurement firms (EPCs).  Focus on coal-fired, nuclear, and natural gas fueled power plants.
Spain, Turkey, Germany, countries with significant coal use.
Industry leader in development and implementation of innovative solutions for modeling/simulation to  enhance the effectiveness of power plant operations, productivity and energy efficiency. Our dynamic simulations validate ENTSO-E and multiple other design requirements. Provides tools necessary to strategically model, test and refine complex energy processes. Power plant owners, operators; digital control systems vendors; EPCs. Focus on all EU members and candidate countries.
Wellons, Inc.
Biomass-fired cogeneration systems. Manufacturer of integrated packages combining wood-fired boiler systems and lumber dry kilns. Other products and systems include wood-fuel storage bins, dry electrostatic precipitators for particulate emission control, cogeneration systems and wood-fired energy systems for panelboard plants. Commercial users, municipal utilities, EPC contractors in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Estonia.

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  If the page does not appear in 5 seconds, please click this: outside web site is managed by the International Trade Administration and external links are covered by its website disclaimer statement.