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Finding International Partners

Thinking about expanding your business to Austria? Our staff of trade professionals will work with you to put together market research that perfectly fits your needs.

You will save time and money by ordering a custom-tailored market research piece that will tell you, for example, how big the market for your product type is, who your competitors are, what kind of prices the market will support, what kinds of distribution channels you will be working with, and any other vital information you need.

Gold Key Matching Service

International Company Profile

International Partner Search


The fees are variable and also depend on the company size, as well as the overall workload involved. Following a brief overview of the services.

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Gold Key Matching Service

Interested in pre-screened appointments arranged before you go overseas?

The U.S. Commercial Service, located in over 150 overseas offices in 85 countries, can help you find potential overseas agents, distributors, sales representatives and business partners.

Reduce the amount of time and money you invest in locating and screening prospective trade partners.

Spend your time doing what you do best - managing your company. Let the U.S. Commercial Service arrange business meetings with pre-screened contacts representatives, distributors, professional associations, government contacts, and/or licensing or joint venture partners.

The Gold Key Matching Services offer:

  • Customized market and industry briefings with our trade specialists
  • Timely and relevant market research
  • Appointments with prospective trade partners in key industry sectors
  • Post-meeting debriefing with our trade specialists and assistance in developing appropriate follow-up strategies
  • Help with travel, accommodations, interpreter service and clerical support

International Company Profile (ICP)

The International Company Profile program provides U.S. companies a detailed report evaluating a potential Austrian business partner. Our specialists can investigate the financial strength of a company and provide useful information gleaned from many different sources. These reports are required by some export financing organizations. Upon request, detailed questions will be asked of the overseas firm. The company will be personally visited by one of our experts.

We provide:

  • A detailed credit report on a prospective overseas sales representative or partner in 10 days or less
  • A listing of the company's key officers and senior management
  • Banking and other financial information about the company
  • Market information, including sales and profit figures, and potential liabilities

The U.S. Commercial Service will also provide you with an opinion as to the viability and reliability of the overseas company or individual you have selected as well as an opinion on the relative strength of that company's industry sector in your target market.

Single Company Promotion (SCP)

How can you make major overseas players in your country notice you?

Does your firm have a significant message for an overseas audience?

Are you opening a branch office in a strategic new market? Have you recently signed a contract with a new distributor? Are you launching a new product? Would you like to schedule a seminar that will promote your product or service?

The U.S. Commercial Service can help your company identify and plan promotional events that maximize your exposure in your target markets. Let us help you market your products and services to professional industry associations and end users.

The Single Company Promotion offers key promotional venues to engage your target audience, including:

An exposition hall. Show off your product lines at exposition halls that we can reserve for you.

An auditorium. Hold a seminar for a large audience.

Hotel facilities. We'll arrange hotel facilities for your business.

An U.S. Ambassador or U.S. Commercial Service officer's residence. Host a private reception with key players in your industry at the U.S. Ambassador or country commercial officer's residence.

The U.S. Commercial Service provides:

  • Contact lists which will have to be purchased
  • Design and printing of invitations
  • Introduction and remarks by a senior U.S. government official
  • Telephone follow-up before event
  • List of attendees, with updates including late registrants
  • Design and printing of co-branded introduction letter of invitation, presenting your company and/or topic of event
  • Preparation and mailing of invitations 6 weeks before event
  • Provide city central, low-cost venue, e.g. Amerika Haus, pending availability
  • Address and parking information for conference
  • Name badges for attendees and registration desk staff
  • List of suggested caterers previously used by CS for similar events.

Client Provides:

  • Speaker(s)
  • Selection and direct payment of caterer
  • Profile of companies to be targeted
  • Program agenda
  • Logo, to be used in co-branded letter, in .tif or .gif format
  • 8 weeks notice minimum before event.

International Partner Search (IPS)

To help U.S. companies find local partners in Austria, the International Partner Search (IPS) provides a report on up to five qualified potential overseas representatives who have examined a U.S. company's materials and have expressed an interest in the company's products or services.


An IPS report contains:

  • the names and addresses, including e-mail and/or website addresses, of prospective overseas companies or representatives
  • the name and title of the key contact person(s) at each overseas company and their telephone number, and fax and e-mail addresses
  • the language preferred by the overseas company for correspondence
  • each prospect's opinion on the market for the client's product and/or service and the projected success of an agreement, licensing arrangement, joint venture, or other strategic partnership
  • the Commercial Service specialist's opinion on the overseas contacts' level of interest in the U.S. company and the overall suitability of the identified companies and/or representatives
  • the competition from local firms and/or from a third country, if any
  • basic marketing information, such as the size of the company and the number of years the overseas company has been in business, will be provided. At the client's request, and at additional cost to the client, additional marketing information will also be provided.

Delivery Time

The IPS report will be delivered within 30 days from receipt of payment and of the requisite U.S. company's information at the overseas Commercial Service office, preferably in electronic format.
In the rare event that an overseas Commercial Service office cannot deliver the IPS report within 30 days, that office will inform the client of the reason for the delay and the proposed new date for delivery of the IPS report.

Negative IPS Report

Occasionally, overseas firms contacted may not be interested in the U.S. company's offer. In these cases, the Commercial Service office conducting the IPS will return a "negative" IPS report. This report will include information on the marketability of the client's product or service, such as regulatory, trade, competitor and/or other factors that may prohibit or limit sales prospects in the relevant market. The report will also include the contact information on each overseas company or representative contacted.

U.S. Commercial Service Quality Assurances

The U.S. Commercial Service assures that:

  • the overseas commercial specialist receiving the request will immediately contact the company ordering the IPS to ensure that he/she has a complete understanding of the client's product, service, license, joint venture or strategic alliance/partnership
  • the domestic or overseas trade specialist will carefully screen each U.S. client to determine the client's suitability for the IPS in the relevant market
  • the domestic trade specialist will obtain advance approval from the overseas commercial officer or specialist for all expedited IPS requests
  • the overseas commercial specialist responsible for preparing the report will conduct a telephone interview with an overseas company if that company is known to the trade specialist; if the company is not known to the specialist, he/she will visit the overseas company
  • the domestic or overseas trade specialist will serve as client's primary point of contact and will respond in a timely manner to all client inquiries
  • the domestic or overseas trade specialist who takes the order will follow-up with the client to ensure satisfaction with the IPS report, focusing on its relevance, timeliness, and accuracy.

Client Responsibilities

  • provide timely responses to email and/or other queries from the domestic or overseas commercial specialists working on the search
  • transmit client materials to the relevant overseas Commercial Service office via e-mail, a website address, courier, or overnight express mail
  • contact the host-country companies or representatives identified in the IPS within 15 business days of receipt of the IPS report to initiate further discussions. Successful IPS searches can only be assured through effective follow-up on the part of U.S. clients

Promote your products on our website to Austrian companies

Looking for sales leads or potential sales representatives in Austria? The U.S. Commercial Service in Austria is offering a listing on the German-language version of our website for qualified U.S. companies, which targets an audience of Austrian importers and commercial buyers.

We will translate a description of the product or service for which you are seeking representation, distribution or sales prospects. This translated description, along with an appropriate image, will be added to our online directory of U.S. exporters.

Interested Austrian importers will reply to our office. After we confirm the importer's interest and contact information, we will forward the trade inquiry to you.

For more information, please contact us!

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