Arkansas Export Success Stories

The export success narratives of the companies below have been authorized for public use. Identifications of USEAC clients and their exporting affairs will not be shared without written consent of the client.

FY 2014

Alliance Rubber Company ( of Hot Springs, Arkansas is a manufacturer of rubber bands with applications in the agriculture, commercial, and stationary products industries. During the past year Alliance Rubber worked with CS Little Rock to renew its exporting efforts. Alliance Rubber actively participated in CS Little Rock seminars including the Export University program held last year and the recent update in March which included discussion on developing a marketing plan, building a global infrastructure, and financing. Alliance Rubber maintains its program with Ex-Im Bank to offer terms to its customers. After evaluating objectives for Mexico, our embassy post in Guadalajara provided some contacts, and provided counselling on selling into Mexico. Alliance Rubber followed up with these and other contacts, and was successful in selling US$91,031 to Mexico.

Jobco Supply ( has been in business since 1981 as an industrial heater supplier, and has recently begun its foray into exporting outside of the USA. Seeking information and advice pertaining to its exporting efforts, JobCo began working with the Little Rock US Export Assistance Center in 2013, where the USEAC has provided ongoing export counseling to JobCo personnel. JobCo attended the Export University series in Rogers AR, where they learned about ExIm Bank’s credit insurance, which in turn led the company to be able to extend financial terms to their overseas clients in Peru for a sale of over $3100 worth of products that otherwise may not have occurred. The exporting knowledge and consulting given by the US Commercial Service has created opportunities for JobCo to overcome the initial learning-curve of challenges to exporters, and as a result they have become a stronger and more competitive business for overseas prospective buyers in other markets in addition to Peru, such as India and Colombia.

Knesek Guns, Inc. (KGI) ( is a medium-sized rural Arkansas company and a 2014 recipient of the President’s E Award for Exporting Excellence, that provides a range of firearms and accessories for the sporting and defense industries to clients ranging from the amateur enthusiast up to government defense contracts for special operations units. The Little Rock USEAC began working with the client upon their request to assist them in completing the necessary paperwork to gain US Government approvals for their Manufacturing License Agreement (MLA), which would allow for the transfer of technology to manufacture the THOR AR-15 and Long Range .408 platforms by Knesek India Private Ltd in India. The Little Rock USEAC expedited the proper State Department connections for the client, assisted with the proper filling of the MLA and license documentation required information, and ensured the MLA was filed through the appropriate channels so as to allow KGI to grant KGI subsidiary Knesek India Private Ltd the ability to manufacture the THOR line of AR-15 type and Long Range .408 weapons platforms overseas in India for purchase and use by the Indian MoD.

FY 2013

Nexans AmerCable ( manufactures power cables for mining and oil & gas equipment and currently sells to more than 32 countries around the world. The company wanted to reach out to new areas with potential growth in the energy industry, and eliminate some of the existing trade barriers in the developing countries. Nexans AmerCable has been a client of CS Little Rock since 1998, and over the years they have received export counseling, market research, the Gold Key Service, and participated in seminars and trade missions with the assistance of our trade specialists. The company worked with CS Little Rock receiving consulting and services recently in 2012 to help them identify contacts involved in the Plan Nord project. Initial contacts to Commercial Service personnel in Montreal were provided to the company that enabled successful participation in the Plan Nord project. Within six months of participating in CS services, initiation of contact with OEM and engineering and construction firms such as Flour and Hatch, and SNC Lavalin in the Montreal Canada area for the Plan Nord project was facilitated. This project helped to increase the company’s exports potential by 25%, which translated to exports valued at $25,000, with further projected export growth over the next five years.

PerioSeal ( has been working with CS Little Rock, and some of our partner organizations, including the World Trade Center in Rogers Arkansas, to penetrate the Peruvian market. This is a result of participation in the Gold Key Service which was provided with the World Trade Center led delegation to Peru. PerioSeal has a patented dental implant system that incorporates prosthetic design to eliminate microgap complications associated with the implant-abutment interface. PerioSeal participated in the World Trade Center led trade mission to Peru in September 2012. CS Lima Commercial Specialists prepared PerioSeal’s Gold Key Service appointments, and Little Rock USEAC trade specialists provided export consulting assistance and information regarding PerioSeal’s efforts in Peru. This included information on foreign government certificate requirements, export data on dental fittings, information on trade agreements, the Country Commercial Guide, and referral to Ex-Im Bank. CS Little Rock continues to work with PerioSeal as it plans its visit to participate in an international seminar in Peru which will be an opportunity to promote its dental implant system together with its new representative. PerioSeal has also signed up for and is participating in the Export University program to learn how to better advance its international interests.

FY 2012

Conway Machine ( was counseled by the Little Rock USEAC about exporting to Brazil, provided information from the Country Commercial Guide and recommended action on protecting trademarks, etc. In September 2012 the Little Rock USEAC obtained an International Company Profile, conducted by US&FCS Brazil, on the prospective distributor for Conway Machine. This report contributed to Conway Machine's decision to appoint this distributor as their representative in Brazil. Conway Machine now has a full overview of services that may be provided by the Little Rock USEAC, and will continue to view the office as a resource toward global expansion.​ The company signed a new representative for Brazil.

BlueInGreen ( has been working with CS Little Rock, and some of our partner organizations, including the Brazil-US Business Council in Washington, D.C., and the World Trade Center in Rogers Arkansas, to penetrate the Brazilian market. This effort was initiated early in 2012, and there is some progress to report as BlueInGreen has appointed Geasanevita Engenharia e Meio Ambiente to represent them in Sao Paulo and to pursue business with SABESP, the Sao Paulo water district. BlueInGreen participated in the Export Green Certified Trade Mission led by the Brazil-US Business Council in April 2012, as part of the Market Development Cooperator Program. CS Sao Paulo Senior Business Development Specialist prepared BlueInGreen’s Gold Key Service appointments, including a meeting with its future partner. The WTC and CS Little Rock have worked with BlueInGreen for some time. In fact the company participated in several seminars organized by CS Little Rock regarding Opportunities for U.S. Green Tech Companies in Brazil's Water Sector, and Getting Serious About Brazil.

FY 2011

Power Technology Inc. ( participated in the USEAC - Arkansas Manufacturing Solutions "ExporTech" program, 8/10-10/10. As part of the intensive counseling and follow up, the Little Rock USEAC provided specific market research such as the CCG and market reports on IPR protection, etc., on the Israeli market. The Little Rock USEAC also provided assistance on Eximbank insurance programs, logistics improvements, and export licensing. As a result of their participation in ExporTech and the trade counseling, Power Technology reported on the export verification form that they completed a sale to Israel.

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