Trade Winds Success:

The Trade Winds series has facilitated more than $3.4 billion in business deals for hundreds of U.S. companies and organizations that have participated in past events. Here are some testimonials from past clients:

Reginald Maynor

Luster Products

Chicago, Illinois

(Trade Winds-Africa, 2015)

Trade Winds India and the Indo Pacific

“We were extremely happy with the results of the Trade Mission. The calibre of companies that USDOC was able to attract for our meetings was better than anticipated. The B2B meetings provided more opportunities to collaborate with top notch local businesses than we thought would result from this one-week trip.”

"The Indo Pacific Trade Winds event was extraordinarily valuable. We individually met with Foreign Commercial Services officials from12 countries, with Indian business leaders, with Chamber of Commerce Presidents in new Delhi and Mumbai, and personally visited with 2 ranking ministers of the Indian Government. Such individual meetings were very effective in gaining input for our considerations in expanding our companies' business activities in the region.”

“Trade Winds events are an affordable approach for small businesses to penetrate new export markets.”

“The Trade Winds experience exceeded my expectations in terms of organization, support before and during the forum and other activities and the related logistics. The platform of the US Dept. of Commerce and its Trade Winds provide a real and cost-effective opportunity to know, analyse and reach markets that normally would be out of scope for a small businesses.”

Trade Winds Latin America

“Trade missions like this allow for US Manufacturers like us to develop international contacts and lead while building good working alliances.” – Sun Surveillance

“Participating in Trade Winds Latin America enabled us to “test drive” a potential representative that helped in our decision to move forward with an agreement and assemble a marketing strategy for the region going forward.” - Jersey Shore Steel

 “Trade Winds was very beneficial to our business. The Gold Key program provided face to face meetings with potential customers and agents that I would not have been able to set up on my own.” – GTI Chemical Solutions, Inc.

"I had an excellent Trade Winds trip. I secured business while there. I also see immediate and long term opportunities. Stephanie Heckel and your Guadalajara team did an amazing job. The U.S. Commercial Service representatives provide great information concerning their specific markets." - Industrial Electronic Repair

Trade Winds Africa

“Trade Winds Sub-Saharan Africa allowed us to achieve in two days what would have taken us months on our own! “ – Synergics

“Through our participation in Trade Winds Africa, ITSI Biosciences was able to increase its presence in the Nigerian market and position ITSI Biosciences as a leader in next generation DNA forensics throughout Africa, a key export region for our company.’’ – ITSI Biosciences

Trade Winds Mexico

“It’s worth it, no questions about it! […]Once I saw that there were opportunities in Mexico, it was clear that Trade Winds would be a good way to grow our business. […] It was great to get straight up answers about our prospects in so many markets in one day.” Fuzion Technologies

“Trade Winds Mexico 2011 generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in new client purchases for our company.  Not even a year in the making, Grovara LLC was speed-lined to the front of the exporting industrial pack - The US Government helped make our business what it is today.” Grovara LLC

“This program has been incredibly educational and extremely eye opening to the opportunities in Mexico and other Latin/South American countries. The sessions were very useful and brought up many things I hadn’t even thought to consider for exporting!” Duperon

Trade Winds Brazil

“[...] Trade Winds forum delivered great results in multiple areas.  We have learned a great deal about the opportunities and hands on intricacies of doing business in the different national markets in Latin America.  [...] Commercial Service officers [...] provided valuable practical advice and contacts that resulted in a conference invitation [...] and business development capabilities [...] we had a chance to interact with local- and global companies and shared experiences that cannot be learned in any other way just by “doing it”.  The forum was a terrific channel to accelerate and enhance entering a region for us.” ActiveMedia

Trade Winds Asia

“We had the opportunity to truly learn about the market from those on the ground, make contacts with possible business partners, and learn about other global opportunities we could become a part of to help ensure the international growth we desire.” - Consensus Orthopedics

“[…] I was really impressed by the organization, the quality of the speakers, the quality of the event and the incredible assistance from all the trade offices to set up our meetings. I am more than confident that we will find the right partners in Asia thanks to the US Department of Commerce.” - Miller Weldmaster

“It’s been a long couple of days but with plenty of accomplishments and success to come. Thank you for all your efforts and preparations for Trade Winds. I must say it has been a total success so far, and exports to come in a very near future. I can witness that you play a very important role in our new business endeavors. Thank you for your efforts to get to know more about our products.” Spectra Colors

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