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French Circular Economy Draft Law Affecting Manufacturers – October 2019

As Europeans concern with waste and the environmental impact of plastics in the economy grows, the European Commission has taken steps to sharply cut down the use of plastic objects and the re-use and recycling of waste through the Waste Framework Directive 2018/851, which European Member States are now implementing into their national legislations. More….French Circular Economy Draft Law Affecting Manufacturers

An expert addresses the opportunities for U.S. healthcare exporters in France and the trends shaping the country's healthcare market. France, the world’s sixth ... “U.S. Export Opportunities in France’s Healthcare Market”

The France Country Commercial Guide (CCG 2019) is a comprehensive annual review of the France's commercial, economic, political and investment environment. It includes information to assist those doing business in France.


The French robotics industry is growing, despite the lower total number of companies operating in the space as compared to the above leading nations France ranked 18th in the world in terms of robot to employee ratio. France has 132 robots per 10,000 employees, compared to Germany which ranked 3rd with 309 robots per 10,000 employees. The United States is ahead of France, yet behind Germany, ranking 7th with 189 robots per 10,000 employees Other countries ahead of France in Europe include Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Slovenia, and Slovakia. More…


The French market for metal 3D printing parts is relatively recent. Most metal 3d printers on the market are sold to R&D centers or universities. France accounts for an estimated 200 companies in AM, 60 R&D centers, and 40 clusters, innovation centers, and labs. Most are small and medium sized enterprises that focus on product development. More…

Overview of the French Defense Industry 4/30/2018





This report details the French defense industry including market structure and major French armament programs.

French Fab: Industry innovation in France 10/24/2017


On October 2nd, the French government announced, “French Fab” – an initiative that promotes French manufacturing and sustainable development, and provides a vision for the future. For U.S. companies looking to integrate or who are already integrated in the French market, the emphasis the French government has placed on holistic and advanced manufacturing is noteworthy for companies in those sectors or looking to expand into these sectors.

Exporting Toys to France 10/23/2017


The global toy market is an $87.4 billion industry and it continues to grow by an average rate of 2.8% each year. From just 2014 to 2015, the industry saw a 4% jump in growth.

While the toy industry itself is strong and growing, the industry in France shows a similar, if not stronger, version of the same trend. France, specifically, has an important role in the toy industry. According to the French Federation of Toy and Child Care Industries, Fédération française des industries Jouet - Puériculture, France is the leading country for toy consumption in Europe. Most of these toys are also imported. In 2016 French toy imports amounted to $2.53 billion, a figure that increased 4.7% from year prior.

Online apparel sales are continuing to expand. 9/28/2017

The last consumer survey of the French Institute of Fashion (IFM) has indicated that the sector’s annual sales revenue exceeds 5 billion Euros in a global clothing market estimated at 28 billion Euros. This is approximately 18% of the market share. However, the expansion of online sales has not offset the deterioration of store sales.

Ms. Christelle Carlotti, consultant at IFM, has indicated on a textile trade magazine article dated September 26, 2017 two important parts of the clothing market: the big players of the apparel industry and a multitude of small independent sites. There is huge potential to bring new players to the market. Further, she also reported that today France has the largest fashion market, followed by the United States.

Women are helping the large, growing French fashion market propel, especially for sales online. They remain the largest consumers of online clothing, with a majority of purchases being for themselves and then for their children. Women’s clothing sales represent 49% of the market in value, but of the 49% of women’s clothing purchased, 55% are bought online. In addition, women aged 15 to 24 are spending more online (113 Euros) than men of the same age (72 Euros). These statistics show that younger women are buying online more frequently and spending more than men of the same age group.

Article taken from the Textile Newspaper (Journal du Textile September 26, 2017)

Cyber Security in France Market Brief 4/13/2017

Recent high-profile cyber intrusions, new legislation and perceived vulnerabilities arising from the fast growing use of connected devices are all boosting the cybersecurity sector in France. Currently filling 40,000 jobs, the French cybersecurity industry is expected to grow at a rate of 10% per year and reach €2 billion in size in 2017. Although the market is open, a small number of almost exclusively French companies currently commands a dominant market share…

The French Market for Technical Textiles 03/2017 https://build.export.gov/build/idcplg?IdcService=DOWNLOAD_PUBLIC_FILE&RevisionSelectionMethod=Latest&dDocName=eg_fr_109786

Technical textiles are an innovative and high value-add sector. Any textile, fiber, material, or support material that has been designed to serve a functional purpose rather than an aesthetic one is considered to be a technical textile. Technical textiles are carefully designed to have certain properties such as lightness, durability, strength, filtration capabilities, fire-retardant, conductivity, insulation, flexibility, absorption, and many more.

Smart Grid Report 01/2017 https://build.export.gov/build/idcplg?IdcService=DOWNLOAD_PUBLIC_FILE&RevisionSelectionMethod=Latest&dDocName=eg_fr_109787

France continued to invest in Smart Grid technology in 2016, rising from 13th to 10th in a world Smart Grid infrastructure market estimated to be worth 65.42 billion USD in 2021. In 2016, France was considered to be a “Smart Grid Procurer” alongside Japan and China. Attributes of a procurer include a growing Smart Grid investment, major procurements and deployments underway, and advanced metering infrastructure

Smart City opportunities in Greater Paris Region 01/2017 https://build.export.gov/build/idcplg?IdcService=DOWNLOAD_PUBLIC_FILE&RevisionSelectionMethod=Latest&dDocName=eg_fr_109789

Valérie Pécresse, President of the Île-de-France region, which includes Paris and the surrounding suburbs and has a total population of over 12 million has prioritized the implementation of smart city technology stating that she wants to lead the number one “smart region” in Europe by 2020. In 2017 alone, the regional budget allocated 2 billion euros for investments, a large portion of which will finance smart and sustainable programs.

French Book Market in France 01/2017 https://build.export.gov/build/idcplg?IdcService=DOWNLOAD_PUBLIC_FILE&RevisionSelectionMethod=Latest&dDocName=eg_fr_109791

France is a dynamic market, boasting 5,000 publishing houses, 3,000 of which are commercially active. Large companies with revenue exceeding one million euros are generally involved in all editorial categories and take advantage of strong distribution networks.

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