CS Singapore participates at Milipol Asia Pacific 2017

From April 4-6, CS Singapore coordinated the U.S. Pavilion of Milipol Asia Pacific. The show, co-branded as a US-ASEAN Connect Business Pillar event, is certified for the first time under the Trade Fair Certification Program and features 19 U.S. companies. RSCO Hanson-Muse inaugurated the show, visited booths CS staff with and hosted a reception for US exhibitors at her residence. Led by DSCO Stephen Jacques and NG Hawcheng, CS Singapore provided welcome kits and individual counseling sessions to the U.S. exhibitors at the show. In addition, on April 5, DSCO Jacques conducted a briefing for exhibitors about Doing Business in Singapore/ASEAN along with speakers from Frost & Sullivan who provided an industry overview, BIS Export Control Officer Scott Anderson and Customs and Border Protection Attache John Leonard who discussed USCBP Technology and Border Management.

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CS Singapore leads Singapore buyer delegation to Natural Products Expo West IBP

Commercial Specialist Luanne Theseira recruited 37 Singapore buyers to attend Natural Products Expo West (NPEW), an IBP event held from March 9-12, 2017 in Anaheim, CA. CS Theseira signed up the Singapore delegates to the Global Agri-Business/Healthcare Teams’ B2B match-making portal which leveraged the show's export directory. B2B meetings were arranged directly between the buyers and U.S. exhibitors. She also presented at the Global Export Series and spoke to an audience of over 100 people on “Singapore - Growing Successful Markets for U.S. Natural Products”. While at the show, she participated in 18 Show Time appointments. Additional meetings with Singapore companies were held jointly with the IE Singapore and EDB officers based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. These meetings had a Select USA component. After NPEW, CS Theseira spent two days with clients of the West Los Angeles USEAC. Director Julie Anne Hennessy arranged six meetings with companies interested in Singapore and the wider ASEAN region.

CS Singapore leads buyer delegation to Avalon 2017

The week of February 27, CS Singapore’s Commercial Specialist Hawcheng Ng brought 15 Singapore buyers to the Avalon Air Show in Melbourne, Australia. While there, CS Ng counseled U.S. exhibitors on the aviation market in Singapore while also discussing the benefits of exhibiting at the Singapore Air Show in 2018. CS Ng also met with representatives from the states of California, Connecticut, Maryland, Oklahoma and Oregon to discuss potential state pavilions at the Singapore Airshow.  In addition to CS Ng, colleagues from CS Australia, Doug Wallace & Doug Hartley, and New Zealand, Janet Coulthart, were on hand to counsel the American firms.

More than 90 U.S. firms exhibited at Avalon 2017, which was certified by the Commercial Service in partnership with Kallman Worldwide. More than 70 U.S. companies took space in the U.S. pavilion.  I&A colleagues, Scott Kennedy and Kim Wells as well as Australia Desk Officer Adrian Stover were also present to support the event, with a ShowTime program coordinated by USEAC colleagues, Jason Sproule of Downtown L.A. and Paul Matino of Maryland.  

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CS Singapore participates in Oceanology International North America and DGM

From February 13-14, Commercial Specialist CHAN Y K (CYK) attended the Oceanology International 2016 in San Diego, California and from February 15-17, DGM Manufacturing in Scottsdale, Arizona. While at the Oceanology show, CYK conducted one-on-one meetings with U.S. exhibitors on doing business in Singapore and Southeast Asia, and delivered a country presentation along with Brazil, Denmark and Mexico. Oceanology International was certified by the Commercial Service for the first time as part of a MDCP grant. I&A colleague, Victoria Hue recommended CS Singapore’s participation during her TDY assignment to Singapore covering the OSEA Certified Trade Fair in December 2016. While at DGM Manufacturing, CYK conducted numerous one-on-one meetings with U.S. companies and discussed the manufacturing sector in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

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CS Singapore Participates in EducationUSA College Fair 2017

On February 25, Commercial Assistant (CA) Jayacely Joseph participated in a college fair hosted by EducationUSA Singapore that included Admission representatives from more than 35 U.S. universities. Charge d’ Affaires Stephanie Syptak-Ramnath gave opening remarks and a U.S. Embassy Consular Officer conducted a student visa workshop. CA Joseph assisted the media coverage of the event by connecting the U.S. Embassy’s Public Affairs Officer to ChannelNewsAsia that expressed interest to interview universities and students on studying in the United States. In addition, CA Joseph also counseled the universities on the role the Commercial Service plays in promoting the education opportunities to foreign students based in Singapore and ASEAN.

CS Singapore leads buyer delegation to SHOT 2017

From January 17-20, CS Hawcheng Ng led a buyer delegation to the SHOT 2017 show in Las Vegas, NV. A total of 12 Singapore delegates including two officers from the Singapore Police Force attended the show.  CS Ng participated in the ShowTime program organized by the Global Safety & Security Team and counseled 31 U.S firms.  Despite Singapore’s strict gun laws in Singapore, CS Ng highlighted to the U.S. businesses of the potential to supply the Singapore military and law enforcement agencies. The Singapore Police officers who attended the show expressed great interest in procuring shotguns and other related weaponry.

CS Singapore leads buyer delegation to Arab Health in Dubai

From January 30-February 2, CS Luanne Theseira Commercial Specialist Luanne Theseira recruited a Singapore delegation of eight buyers to attend the Arab Health Show in Dubai. During her time at the show, CS Theseira conducted a presentation on the Singapore Medical Market for U.S. exhibitors with over 20 attendees and she participated in 27 Show Time appointments. During the counseling, CS Theseira counseled them on the market opportunities and provided them with sector handouts, industry overview, regulatory guidelines and a buyer delegation contact list of the group recruited. A networking reception was held in honor of the U.S. exhibitors and it provided the opportunity for the Singapore firms to meet with the U.S. companies. Finally, as a result of her participation at Arab Health 2016, CS Theseira was informed by Maxtec, a U.S. exhibitor that as a result of her work they were able to secure a partnership with a former delegate.

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