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The World Bank's financing activities generate many opportunities for suppliers, contractors and consultants worldwide.  Below are projects with consultancy/procurement opportunities for which U.S. companies are eligible to bid.  Please contact our office for any advice or guidance.


Paraguay - Energy Sector Strengthening Project

The World Bank has approved a $10 million loan to Paraguay for the Energy Sector Strengthening Project.  The development objective of the project is to increase the availability, quality and reliability of power supply in Paraguay.  Click here to read the Project Appraisal Document.

Lebanon - Second Education Development Project

The development objectives of Second Education Development Project for Lebanon are to improve teaching quality and the learning environment in general education and in preschool; and increase governance and managerial capacity of Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE), regional education departments and schools. There are three components to the project, which will generate attractive procurement opportunities for US companies.  Click here to view the project page. 

Belarus - Road Upgrading and Modernization Project

The World Bank approved a $150 loan for the Belarus Road Upgrading and Modernization Project.  The project will help improve the condition, quality and capacity of the M5 roadway and the implementation of the initial stage of an electronic road tolling system.

Mexico - Water Utilities Efficiency Improvement Project

The World Bank has approved a $100 million loan for the Water Utilities Efficiency Improvement Project for Mexico.  The objective of the project is to improve the efficiency of water utilities through the provision of technical assistance and financing.

Brazil - Integrated Solid Waste Management and Carbon Finance Project

The objective of this World Bank-funded project is to improve the treatment and final disposal of municipal solid waste in Brazil.  This project will require the procurement of goods and consulting services.  Click here for more information.

Vietnam - Urban Water Supply and Wastewater Project

The World Bank has released the concept paper for a proposed investment to improve the wastewater and drainage services in targeted areas, increase the access to quality water, and rehabilitate the water supply network in Vietnam.  The proposed $150 million loan would fund the project components of technical assistance, implementation support, and rehabilitation services.

Haiti - Urban Community Driven Development Project

The World Bank recently approved additional financing of $30 million for the Urban Community Driven Development Project in Haiti.  The objective of the project is to improve access to basic and social infrastructure and services, and income-generating opportunities for residents of targeted disadvantaged urban areas in Haiti.

Zambia - Road Rehabilitation Project

Zambia will receive a loan of $15 million to stimulate economic growth and contribute to poverty reduction through investment in road infrastructure, policy and institutional reforms, and enhanced road sector management.  The additional financing provided by this project will preserve roads in target transport corridor areas and improve transport safety and connectivity in target areas.  Additional information is available here.

Egypt - Integrated Sanitation and Sewerage Infrastructure Project

The World Bank released the concept paper for a large water-related loan to Egypt.  If approved by the Board of Directors, the project would provide about $200 million in World Bank financing to increase the number of people with access to hygiene and sanitation services, improve infrastructure sanitation systems, and reduce domestic pollution loads.

Peru - Environmental Development Policy Loan

The World Bank Board of Directors has approved a $75 million loan to Peru to fund the Environmental Development Policy Project.  The Project aims to provide institutional strengthening for environmental governance, including regulation and enforcement in the mining, fisheries, and urban transport and energy sectors.  Click here for more information.

Cambodia - Higher Education Project

The World Bank approved the Higher Education Quality and Capacity Improvement Project in Cambodia. The development objective of this IDA-funded project is to improve the quality of teaching, management, and research capacity of the schooling system.  Consulting opportunities will be required for the implementation of this project, click here for details.

Moldova - Disaster and Climate Risk Management Project

The Disaster and Climate Risk Management Project for Moldova aims to strengthen the State Hydrometeorological Service's ability to forecast severe weather and improve Moldova's capacity to prepare for and respond to natural disasters. The Procurement Plan, including several consulting opportunities, is shown on page 53 of the Project Appraisal Document.

Indonesia - Power Transmission Development Project

The World Bank Board of Directors recently approved the $254 million Indonesia Power Transmission Development Project.  This project will work to meet the growing electricity demand and improve the reliability of electricity supply in Java and south-central Sumatra by strengthening the power transmission system.  For additional information, click here.

Peru - Sierra Irrigation Project

The World Bank Board of Directors approved the Sierra Irrigation Project that aims to increase agricultural productivity in targeted areas of the Peruvian Sierra.  The $43 million project will require works and services, including studies and design for the modernization and rehabilitation of water systems, irrigation technology improvement, and project implementation support. For more information about the project, click to here view the project page.


World Bank News and Links

Doing Business in Colombia

The World Bank’s Doing Business in Colombia 2010 Report focuses on local and national regulations that affect 6 stages in the life of a small to medium-size domestic firm: starting a business, dealing with construction permits, registering property, paying taxes, trading across borders, and enforcing contracts. It identifies differences in local regulations and in the enforcement of national regulations that can enhance or constrain local business activity.  Click here to read the full report.

eIndia 2009 in Hyderabad, India 

eIndia 2009 - India's largest ICT event  served as a forum for information and knowledge sharing across different ICT disciplines and between government, private sector and non-profits.  The event included practitioners and specialists in the use of ICT for economic development.  Sponsors included Microsoft, IBM, Infosys, and a host of others.  Key speakers included Oleg Petrov, Coordinator for the e-Development Thematic group at the World Bank.

World Bank Launches Climate Change Beta Site

July 20, 2009—Visitors to the World Bank’s website used to have to scan more than 20 sites and hundreds of pages to get a complete picture of the Bank’s role in climate change. That all changed with the launch of a new climate change beta website—a harbinger of things to come for

Donors Commit Funds to Promote Trade in Developing Countries

The World Bank and other donors have formally committed funds to a $50 billion Global Trade Liquidity Program to help reverse the decline in trade resulting from the economic crisis.  The funds will be disbursed through the first four participating banks and a network of 500 banks in 70 developing countries.  Click here to learn more.

World Bank Corruption Probe Leads to Siemens Acknowledgement of Misconduct

The World Bank Group today announced a comprehensive settlement with Siemens AG in the wake of the company’s acknowledged past misconduct in its global business and a World Bank investigation into corruption in a project in Russia involving a Siemens subsidiary. The settlement includes a commitment by Siemens to pay $100 million over the next 15 years to support anti-corruption work, an agreement of up to a four-year debarment for Siemens’ Russian subsidiary, and a voluntary two-year shut-out from bidding on Bank business for Siemens AG and all of its consolidated subsidiaries and affiliates.  Click here to see the full article.

High Speed Internet is Key to Job Creation

A new report from the World Bank Group finds that access to affordable, high quality internet and mobile phone services enables development across all levels of the economy and society.  Information and Communications for Development 2009: Extending Reach and Increasing Impact takes an in-depth look at how ICT impacts economic growth in developing countries. Click here to see the full report.

Doing Business in India 

If you wanted to start a business in India, what city would you pick? The just-released report Doing Business in India has an answer: Ludhiana. Hyderabad and Bhubaneshwar would also be good choices. Why? These were ranked as the top three cities in India (out of 17 included in the ranking) in the overall ease of doing business. 

Adapting to Climate Change in Europe and Central Asia

This new report presents an overview of what adaptation to climate change might mean for Europe and Central Asia. It starts with a discussion of emerging best practice adaptation planning around the world and a review of the latest climate projections.  To view the report, click here.

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