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QUESTION: How do I register my company in Iraq?


The best resource to help with business registration in Iraq is the Embassy of Iraq Commercial Affairs Office in Washington, DC. 

There is a step-by-step process to follow located at the following weblink:


The Iraqi Embassy’s Commercial Attaché Naufel Al-Hassan and his staff can help at:

Telephone: +1- (202) 822-2088
E-mail: naufel.alhassan@icous.org


The Iraqi Commercial Office in Washington D.C. provides two critical services – Business Registration and Legalization of Documents -- in support of foreign firms looking to conduct business in Iraq:

Required Documents to Incorporate a Branch or a Representation Office in Iraq

1.    A copy of the memorandum of incorporation and articles of association of the mother company or corporation or any equivalent document provided it.

2.    A copy of the form of the license request.

3.    A copy of a valid registration certificate of the company or the corporation issued from the country of origin

4.    A copy of the latest final accounts of the company or the corporation together with the board of  directors report attached with these accounts and also must imply:
--A copy of the auditor report.
--A letter from the mother company to bear financial and legal responsibility of its branch.

5.    A copy of the power of attorney of the branch or office manager in Iraq who actually resides therein issued from the company or corporation management.

6.    The authorization of the representative for filing with the Register of Companies.

7.    A confirmation letter from the government departments or contractual sources clarifying the contract nature or the rendered services together with the commencement and expiry date of contract and the maintenance period, if any, concerning the companies which are subject to get a branch license only, and that includes also the companies which are investing in the governorates and regions in compliance with Investment Law No.13 of 2006.  Otherwise the company can be registered as a representation office aiming at studying the market, probabilities of work and production or to introduce its products and services or to facilitate contacts with its headquarters.


1.   The above documents should be certified from the competent authorities (sectarian source like the Notary Public Ministry of Foreign Affairs Iraqi Embassy) in the country of origin and should be translated to Arabic language if these documents are in foreign language.

2.   A copy of the branch or office manager passport (for foreigners only) and identity card for Iraqis.

3.   Identity card for the representative of filing with the Registrar of Companies.

4.   The branch or office manager and the representative of filing with Registrar of Companies must reside in Iraq.


1.   All exported goods to Iraq from USA must have a certificate of origin, certified by the Iraq Commercial Attaché' in Washington DC.

2. Notarize applicable documents.

3.   Then, the documents must be certified from secretary of the state where the document has been issued (for example, if a certificate of origin has been issued from the state of California, you must certify the document in the State of California). 

4.   Certificate of origin & all commercial invoices must be stamped from the chamber of commerce in the state where the document has been issued.

5.   Inspection certificate either from SGS or from BUREAU VERITAS

6.   The documents will then need to be sent to the Department of State: 

Authentication Office 518 23rd Street 
NW Sa-1 Columbia Plaza
Washington, DC 20037
(202) 647 5002
Fax 202 663-3636


7.   Documents must then be delivered to the Iraqi Commercial Office either by courier or mail (DHL, FedEx, etc…) with a pre-paid return envelope and 2 copies for each page of all the documents.

Iraq Commercial Office
1155 15th Street NW Suite #1100
Washington, DC 20005

8. All commercial documents including the original certificate of origin must be enclosed with a $160.00 for each document (MONEY ORDER ONLY) made payable to Iraqi Embassy/Commercial Office.  

9.    All the documents submitted for legalization MUST include the full address of the company in the USA (physical address: Building Number, Street, City, State, Zip Code) in additional to the official telephone and Fax numbers, email, and the company website.  

**Documents will finally be legalized and ready to be picked up (or sent back) within 3-5 business days.


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