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Welcome to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s website for U.S. Building Products and Construction Equipment Companies. This site is your resource for market research reports, trade leads, upcoming industry-related events and advocacy assistance.

Our division of Commerce, the U.S. Commercial Service, has a global network of 100 offices located throughout the U.S. and over 100 offices located in more than 70 countries. Our worldwide team is here to assist with your international business. To find your local building/construction specialist, please click on the link to the left titled “Local USDOC Offices”.

We specialize in working with the following industry subsectors:

  • Architecture/construction/engineering services
  • Building products (including HVAC, hardware, and power tools)
  • Construction equipment (including mining equipment)
  • Greenbuild & sustainable development
  • Interior design

Our Design & Construction Team members can assist you with the following:

  • International Market Research – our overseas specialists generate reports on the building/construction sector of target markets around the world. You can access these reports by contacting your local building/construction specialist. Please also see our Top Markets report on Building Products by clicking the link to the left.
  • Trade Missions & Events – We regularly develop and lead trade missions and events for the design services sector along with key industry associations. These missions provide market access and unrivaled exposure for firms seeking international projects.
  • Webinars – learn about the design sector in a market of interest without leaving your desk.
  • Advocacy – the Advocacy Center coordinates U.S. Government (USG) resources to level the playing field on behalf of U.S. business interests as they compete against foreign firms for government contracts or other U.S. export opportunities.
  • Gold Key Service – provides business meetings with pre-screened contacts, developers, firms, professional associations, government contacts, and/or licensing or joint venture partners.  Through the GKS program, Commercial Service staff will search for and arrange appointments with potential foreign partners in key markets.
  • Single Company Promotion – provides support and official sponsorship in a specific market under the auspices of the American Embassy or Consulate.  Commercial Service staff overseas assists a U.S. company in organizing a product launch, technical seminar, cocktail reception, or similar event in a well-recognized location, such as a hotel or in some cases, the U.S. Ambassador's residence.  A typical event might include a 3-hour program with an introduction by a U.S. Government official followed by detailed company presentation and question/answer session followed by a networking session.  The SCP is an excellent opportunity to support your existing in-country representative by co-presenting to a targeted audience.


Event Highlights:

World of Concrete – Jan. 16-19, 2017 – Las Vegas, NV

In addition to the great opportunities present at the World of Concrete, the U.S. Commercial Service will be supporting companies in discovering export opportunities through the International Buyer Program (IBP) detailed below - at no cost to exhibitors!

International Buyer Program Services at World of Concrete 2017:

1. Showtime Program -- Take advantage of the opportunity to have scheduled meetings with Commercial Officers and Specialists coming from more than 30 U.S. Embassies and Consulates across the world.  Select the countries of interest, gain market intelligence and discuss market entry strategies for your company. Showtime appointments can take place either at your booth or at the International Business Center. Experts from the SBA, EX-IM Bank, and Department of Commerce specializing in export finance and industry issues will also be available to answer your export finance and technical questions.

 2. Business-to-business Matchmaking Program -- Participate to have our U.S. Commercial Service offices across the world promote your company/organization before the show!  Using the information that you provide, a company profile will be created and placed on a U.S. Commercial Service website and shared with potential partner companies from across the world. Should a potential partner company signal an interest in your company, you will be alerted of their interest and connected with the buyer to set up a meeting.  

Questions?  Feel free to contact Jorge Arce for clarifications on the Showtime Program and Reinaldo Garcia for additional input on the Business Matchmaking Program.   

In order to take advantage of these complimentary free services, please sign-up here.


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Trade Lead Information By For RFP - The Chaguaramas Development authority seeks qualified developers/investors for refurbishment /reconstruction of 4-star Hotel and Convention Cent
Basic Information:
Date Published: 02/19/2013 Expiration Date: 05/31/2013
Location: Chaguaramas, P.O. Box 3162 C, Trinidad and Tobago (S)
Industry : BLD, Building Products
Industry : CON, Construction Eq.
Industry : FUR, Furniture
Industry : GSV, General Services
Industry : HTL, Hotel/Restaurant Eq.
Industry : OMS, Operations/Maintenance Services

Contact Information:
Issuing Organization: Chaguaramas Development Authority
Contact Name: Corporate Secretary
Voice: 868 634 4413
Fax: 868 634 4311

Lead Description:
Foreign Government Tender

The Chaguaramas Development authority is seeking qualified developers/investors for refurbishment /recostruction of Hotel and Convention Centre and operation of a Marina. The Chaguaramas Hotel, Convention Centre and Marina Request for Proposals The Chaguaramas Development authority (CDA is seeking proposals from qualified and experienced developers/investors for a concession lease for the refurbishment/reconstruction and operation and operation of the Chaguaramas Hotel and Convention Centre and the construction and operation of a Marina ( the project) at Chaguaramas, Trinidad on lands comprising approximately 15.4 acres with sea frontage. Submission of proposals in open to all proponents who can demonstrate that they have the qualifications, financial resources and the technical experience in projects of similar size and type as outlined in the Request for Proposals (RFP). The hotel and convention Centre must meet 4 star standards and the marina must be of a world class standard as provided in the RFP. A proponent may assemble a team to submit a proposal as a joint venture or a consortium. Joint ventures will be jointly and severally liable for the permanence of the Successful Proponent's responsibilities. A proponent (or in the case of a joint proposal, at least one member of the consortium. Joint venture) must have undertaken, within the last 10 (ten) years, one or more elements of a project(s) of a similar nature (the entire consortium or joint venture must as a whole comprise members who collectively satisfy this requirement). A project of a similar nature means a project of comparable size and complexity involving the refurbishment). A project of a similar nature means a project of comparable size and complexity involving the refurbishment or reconstruction and operation of hotels, convention centres and marinas. Evaluation of proposals will be based on requirements including: qualification and experience, financial capability and technical expertise. The CDA invites suitably qualified entities to subscribe for a copy of the RFP for a non-refundable fee of US$1,000.00 or TT $ 6,430.00 payable by cash, certified cheque or direct deposit or wire transfer to the Chaguaramas Development Authority and thereupon register as proponents. Proponents are asked to contact the CDA's Corporate Secretary at the telephone numbers listed below for details on direct deposits or wire transfer. Copies of the RFP are available at the office of the CDA at Airway Road, Chaguaramas, Trinidad, Tel: (868) 634-4413; Fax: (868)634-4311 from Tuesday 5th February to Tuesday 28th May 2013 during the hours of 8am-3pm. Before collecting the RFP package proponents will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement the form of which can be viewed on the CDA's website; or at the CDA's head office, Airway Road, Chaguaramas. Proposals in response to the RFP may be submitted by registered proponents only, and must be received by 12 noon on 31st May, 2013 in accordance with the requirements of the RFP. All Proponents are invited to attend a pre-submission briefing on 14th March 2013 at 10:00am and site visit on 15th March, 2013. The CDA will not be responsible for any cost incurred by any proponent in preparing its proposal and reserves the right to cancel the RFP process or vary its terms without liability for any cost incurred by any proponent in submitting a proposal.

Language: English
Seller: Agents and Distributors acceptable
US Firm Information:
Timing: Will purchase in short term (2-6 months)
Trade Lead ID: 10032

Issuing Agency: The Chaguaramas Development Authority
Do Bidding Procedures Apply: Yes
Solicitation Type: N/A
Bid Deadline: 05/31/2013
Solicitation Number: N/A
Government URL:
Business Type:

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  The link you have chosen will take you to a non-U.S. Government website.

  If the page does not appear in 5 seconds, please click this: outside web site is managed by the International Trade Administration and external links are covered by its website disclaimer statement.