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Medica 12 -15 November 2014


The CEO (Corporate Executive Office) program has been developed to meet the needs of the many American companies who wish to explore the fair venue as an avenue to international markets without the expense of a full-fledged exhibitor and for those firms who wish to exhibit but are unable to do so because of the unavailability of space.

CEO provides its participants with a base of operations within the exhibition, on-site scheduling assistance, briefings, counseling and advice on which companies to approach at the fair. CEO also provides interview space, office services (fax, phone, computer, printer, photocopying) and an individual assistant assigned solely to the participating company for the duration of the show. The assistant provides translator/interpreter services, helps identify possible business contacts, arranges meetings and assists with other reasonable requests.

As an alternative to a full-fledged booth or cruising the show floor, our Corporate Executive Office (CEO) program offers an assisted visit to the show. The CEO Centers, organized by the U.S. Commercial Service for a number of shows, have been staged successfully for over 18 years. The CEO Center is a shared office for all U.S. firms registered under the CEO program. It works such

that we as U.S. Department of Commerce’s Commercial Service book space on the show floor for a walled-in CEO area including an entrance area with a reception desk for incoming visitors. Within this space, each CEO participant will be allocated a table with four chairs, which will function as his base at the show. This is an open architecture, but you can rest assured that, at most times, privacy for business meetings is guaranteed. A certain number of participants will be out on the show floor and no one ‘will listen in’ to other companies’ business discussions. We will provice phone, fax and copier services (long-distance calls only via AT&T cards), computer/printer on site, LAN cable and electrical outlet for each table, and coffee corner. Each CEO participant will be assigned a personal, multi-language assistant. The CEO Center is not laid out such that the participants wait for incoming visitors. They and their assistants need to pro-actively reach out to other exhibitors on the show floor with drop-in visitors as a welcome add-on.

The CEO, as the word says, serves as an office, and is not an exhibit booth. CEO participants are not allowed to display products (other than very small, table-top samples or brochures/product literature. It is meant as a base of operations, as a meeting/conference point for participating U.S. firms and their business partners, but it is not a full-fledged exhibit. We consider our CEO office an intermediate state between being simply a visitor without any further assistance, and exhibiting within the USA Pavilions or independent booths.

The CEO program is certainly a very effective market entry tool for world markets and finding distribution partners internationally. Past participants have been very pleased with the results of their participation. There is no average number of contacts per CEO company, depending on product or service, it may be anywhere from three to twenty. What really counts is the quality of leads generated, not the quantity.

A major feature of the program is the personal assistant, assigned to each company, for the four days of the show. These assistants are usually former USDOC interns and students/student graduates of business administration, law, or international relations. They are not merely translators but serve to find you leads, potential partners, check out the competition, garner market insight, and perform specific research on your behalf. Past CEO participants have considered them invaluable for their success. CEO participants will be receiving one free catalog and four admission tickets. These will be valid for the duration of the show.

In summary, the CEO program offers the participant, under the umbrella and guidance of the U.S. Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the opportunity to pursue business actively at an international trade fair in Germany at a very reasonable cost. It provides an assisted

tour of the show and is particularly suitable for U.S. firms which have not yet been to a world trade show in Germany and which would consider future participation as a full-fledged exhibitor with a booth. Most CEO participants graduate out on the show floor after having been in the CEO program for two to three years. It is also geared toward full-fledged exhibitors in need of extra meeting space and office facilities.

For further information and application forms, please contact:
Anette Salama, Senior Commercial Specialist, Healthcare Technologies, U.S. Commercial Service Dusseldorf, Germany, email: anette.salama@trade.gov ; ph: +49-211-737767-60;
in the U.S. Christian Koschil, U.S. Export Assistance Center, Chicago, email: Christian.koschil@trade.gov ; ph: 312-353-3749.

See you at Medica 2014, Hall 16, C04!

CEO Center with LSTAT Poster at Reception Desk

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