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French Monument Stamps

Regional Consulates and American Presence Post's

America’s first diplomatic mission abroad was established in France in 1779. That diplomatic mission has expanded to include not only the U.S. Embassy in Paris, but also Consulates General in Marseille and Strasbourg as well as four American Presence Posts (APPs) in Bordeaux, Lyon, Rennes and Toulouse. The U.S. Embassy in Paris is the diplomatic and consular headquarters for France. In addition to its many bilateral and diplomatic responsibilities, the Embassy performs all non-immigrant and immigrant visa services for the country, as well as a range of consular services for U.S. citizens. The Consulates General are smaller diplomatic facilities and offer consular services for U.S. citizens. APPs are even smaller diplomatic presences (with just one American diplomat in residence) that are similar in function to the Consulates General.

Marseille - Consulate General

Principal Officer: Consul General Monique Quesada
  Place Varian Fry 13006 Marseille
Telephone/Fax Numbers:
[33] (0)  1 43 12 47 88

The Marseille Consular District

Marseille is France’s second largest city.  The Marseille Consular District includes three French regions (Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence-Alps-Côte d’Azur - “PACA” - and Corsica), which together make up 13 departments with a total population of more than seven million people, or 14 percent of France’s total population. Major cities are Marseille, Nice, Cannes, Aix-en-Provence, Toulon, Avignon, Montpellier, Perpignan, Ajaccio and Bastia.  The Consulate General also covers the Principality of Monaco. The territory covered by the consular district constitutes one of France’s most interesting areas and is often dubbed the “French sunbelt” because of its pleasant climate.

Principal Industry Sectors

Principal economic activities include agro-industry, information technology, semiconductors, bio-technology, aviation, alternative energy, ports and maritime transportation, petrochemicals, tourism and U.S. food franchises (including fast food and beverages). 

Business Organizations 

  • Mediterranean Anglo-American Business Network
  • L’Union des Chambres de Commerce et Clubs d’Affaires Bilatéraux (UCCAB)
  • Chambers of Commerce & Industry
    (Marseille, Arles, Avignon, Perpignan, Ajaccio, Bastia)
  • Monaco Chamber of Economic Development (CDE)

Sister City Relationships

The Marseille Consular District also enjoys sister city relationships with a number of U.S. cities:

  • Nice – Miami, FL & Houston, TX
  • Montpellier – Louisville, KY
  • Juan les Pins – New Orleans, LA
  • Cavalaire sur Mer - New Port Richey, FL
  • Cannes - Beverly Hills, CA
  • Aix-en-Provence - Coral Gables, FL & Philadelphia, PA
  • Frejus – Fredericksburg, VA
  • Avignon – New Haven, CT
  • Perpignan – Sarasota, FL
  • Menton - Laguna Beach, CA
  • St. Maxime - Bellport, NY
  • Toulon - Norfolk, VA
  • Villefranche sur Mer – Austin, TX

Did You Know?

The first U.S. representative in Marseille was an honorary consul, French citizen Etienne Cathalan, who opened the first consulate offices on the rue Sainte (Sainte Street), just a few blocks from the present location.

Strasbourg – Consulate General


Principal Officer: Consul General Amy Westling
15, Avenue d'Alsace, 67082 Strasbourg Cedex
Telephone/Fax Numbers:
[33] (0) 1 43 1247 17

The Strasbourg Consular District

The Strasbourg Consular District includes the three northeastern French regions of Alsace, Lorraine, and Franche Comté, which together make up 11 Departments with a total population of approximately 6 million people, or 12 percent of the French population. In addition to Strasbourg, the District includes the major cities of Metz, Nancy, Epinal, Besançon, Colmar and Mulhouse. The territory covered by the consular district holds a special relationship with neighboring Germany. This historical link continues to influence a unique architectural style, rich culinary delights, and cultural traditions.

Strasbourg is one of the few non-capital cities in the world that is home to several important international institutions including the Council of Europe (COE); the European Court of Human Rights; the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE); and European Parliament. Strasbourg’s historical city center is classified as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Principal Industry Sectors

Principal economic activities in Alsace include mechanical engineering, automobiles and transport, electronics, chemicals, agri-industry and textiles. Strasbourg is an international rail hub, and also has the largest coal port in France, an important petroleum-refining center, and large metalworking industry. Lorraine is well known for its prestigious manufacture of stringed instruments, lead-crystal and glass. Franche-Comté leads Frances in micro-techniques, given its traditional expertise in watch-making and eyeglasses. Key sectors include heavy machinery, automotive products, clocks and watches, optical equipment, pipes and micro-dental surgery equipment.  U.S. companies with a presence in the Strasbourg Consular District include DOW Chemical Company, General Motors, GE Medical Systems, Georgia Pacific, Honeywell, Kimberly Clark, Lilly, and Wrigley.

Business Organizations

  • AmCham Alsace/Lorraine Chapter
  • Business Cluster ‘Alsace BioValley’
  • Business Cluster ‘Pole Vehicle du Futur’
  • Innover en Alsace
  • ADIRA (Agence de développement économique du Bas Rhin)

Sister City Relationships

The Strasbourg Consular District also enjoys sister city relationships with a number of U.S. cities:

  • Strasbourg – Boston, MA
  • Besançon – Charlottesville, VA
  • Colmar – Princeton, NJ
  • Epinal – La Crosse, WI
  • Metz – Kansas City, MI
  • Mulhouse – Milwaukee, WI
  • Nancy – Cincinnati, OH

Did You Know?

Strasbourg is considered to be the most bicycle-accessible city in France, and is home to over 300,000 bicycles. In other words, well over half of Strasbourg’s population owns a bike! The city has 560 km of bike paths, 360 one-way streets with two-way bike lanes, 19,000 bike stations, and 4,400 Vélhop bicycles, a city-run bike rental program. Biking in Strasbourg dates back to the late 19th century, when biking became a preferred method of transportation for the rich. In the 1890s, there was a “bicycle craze”, where biking reached an unprecedented level of popularity.

Bordeaux - American Presence Post

Fenwick House on Bordeaux’s quay was the first U

Principal Officer: Consul Thomas W. Wolf
  89 Quai des Chartrons, 33300 Bordeaux
Telephone/Fax Numbers:
[33] (0) 1 13 1245 68

The Bordeaux Consular District

American Presence Post Bordeaux includes the three French regions of Aquitaine, Poitou-Charentes and Limousin which together include 12 departments with a total population of more than 6 million people. Major cities are Bordeaux, Périgueux, Bergerac, Mont-de-Marsan, Agen, Bayonne, Pau, Poitiers, Angoulême, La Rochelle, Niort, Limoges, Guéret, Brive and Tulle.

Principal Industry Sectors

Principal economic activities include agriculture/food, aerospace, optics, photonics, ceramics, automotive components, forestry, green building and imaging industries, and sports equipment. Over 100 U.S. companies have a presence in the Bordeaux Consular District, including Ford, Bristol Myers Squibb, Coca-Cola, IBM, Mondelez, JLG, Marsh, Napali, International Paper, BorgWarner, PNY, Steris, Stryker, AON, Federal Mogul, and Leroy Somer among others. 

Business Organizations 

  • World Trade Center, Poitiers
  • Local Chambers of Commerce in Bordeaux, Bayonne, Pau, Limoges, Brive, Poitiers and Angoulême

Sister City Relationships 

Cities in the Bordeaux Consular District also enjoy sister city relationships with a number of U.S. cities:

  • Bordeaux – Los Angeles, CA
  • Limoges – Charlotte, NC
  • Agen – Corpus Christi, TX
  • Pau – Dayton, OH
  • Angoulême – Hoffman Estates, IL
  • Bayonne – Daytona Beach, FL
  • La Rochelle – New Rochelle, NY
  • Poitiers – La Fayette, LA

Did You Know?

U.S. representation in Bordeaux dates from March 1778 when France formally recognized the independence of the thirteen colonies on February 6, 1778. The Continental Congress appointed John Bondfield as a commercial agent. This was the first known American diplomatic station in the world.

Lyon - American Presence Post


Principal Officer: Consul Clayton Stanger
  1 quai Jules Courmont 69002 Lyon
Telephone/Fax Numbers:
[33] (0) 1 43 12 46 30

The Lyon Consular District

The Lyon Consular District includes three French regions (Auvergne, Bourgogne, and Rhône-Alpes), which together make up 16 departments with a total population of more than eight and a half million people. Major cities include Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Grenoble, Lyon, and Saint-Etienne. The territory covered by the Lyon consular district is known for being France’s leading industrial and manufacturing region, as well as a leader in scientific research and development.


Principal Industry Sectors

Principal economic activities include industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, tires, trucks and buses, plastic processing, industrial textiles, composite materials, nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, and tourism.  Over 800 U.S.-capitalized companies have a presence in the Rhône-Alpes region alone, and in the Lyon Consular District include Caterpillar, Hewlett Packard, Michelin, Tyco, Xerox, Sun Microsystems, and Merck, among others. 


Business Organizations 

  • Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Lyon Economic Development Agency (ADERLY)
  • Grenoble-Isere Economic Development Agency (AEPI)
  • Le Cancéropôle Lyon Auvergne Rhône-Alpes (CLARA) Competitive Cluster
  • Imaginove Competitive Cluster
  • Rhône-Alpes Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Entreprise Rhône-Alpes International (ERAI)
  • Lyonbiopole Competitive Cluster
  • Axelera Competitive Cluster

Sister City Relationships

The Lyon Consular District also enjoys sister city relationships with a number of U.S. cities:

  • Lyon – St. Louis, MO
  • Chamonix – Aspen, CO
  • Dijon – Dallas, TX
  • Grenoble – Phoenix, AZ

Did You Know?

The Rhône-Alpes region has a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. Formally established in 2006, the Rhône-Alpes is the first French region to have such a relationship with an American state. Under the MOU the two regions have agreed to work toward strengthening relations and facilitating exchange in the fields of the economy, education, research, and culture

Rennes - American Presence Post

Principal Officer
: Tashawna Bethea, Consul and Principal Officer
  30 quai Duguay-Trouin, 35000 Rennes, France
Telephone/Fax Numbers:
[33] 1 43 12 46 20

The Rennes Consular District
APP Rennes covers the regions of northwestern France: Brittany, Lower Normandy and the Pays de la Loire, an area larger than the Benelux countries, which represents nearly 8 million inhabitants and 12 departments.  Major cities are Rennes, Nantes, Brest, Le Mans, Caen, Angers and Cherbourg.  APP Rennes has a very active commercial program. 

Principal Industry Sectors

Agribusiness, automotive production (the PSA Peugeot Citroën factory near Rennes employs 5,000 people), shipbuilding industries (frigates, submarines, propulsion equipment) in Nantes, Brest, Lorient, Cherbourg and Saint Nazaire and aerospace industries (Airbus has two plants in Nantes and Saint Nazaire) are major economic sectors.  One key economic sector in Rennes as well as elsewhere in Brittany is telecommunication research, with 40 percent of French telecom research centered in Rennes, Brest, and Lannion.  The Rennes Atalante Science Park, created in 1984, is the center of new technology development in Rennes and is acknowledged as one of Europe's leading telecom research parks. Renewable energies are taking on more importance with the planned construction of four major offshore wind parks and two tidal turbine parks in the coming years.   Brittany, Lower Normandy and the Pays de la Loire account for ten percent of France’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and about ten percent of French exports. 

Major Sister City Relationships

  • Rennes – Rochester, NY
  • Nantes - Seattle, WA & Jacksonville, FL
  • Caen - Alexandria, VA & Nashville, TN
  • Brest - Denver, CO
  • Angers - Austin, TX

Did You Know?

200 U.S. companies are located in APP Rennes’ consular district and that in 2011 APP Rennes was awarded the President’s National Export Initiative Award for its successful support of U.S. exporters.

Toulouse - American Presence Post

Principal Officer: Consul Rachel Schneller
  25 Allées Jean Jaurès 31000 Toulouse
Telephone/Fax Numbers:
[33] (0)  1 43 12 46 40

The Toulouse Consular District

The largest geographic region of France, the Midi-Pyrénées Region is comprised of eight departments and has a population of nearly 3 million, over a million of whom live in or around Toulouse. Other cities in the region include Montauban, Tarbes, Lourdes, Albi, Castres, Millau, Cahors and Rodez. The region is known as the home of Airbus, as well as for its high-quality food including foie gras, cassoulet, and Roquefort cheese. Lourdes is one of the most visited locations in France after Paris, the Pyrénées mountains are an attractive tourist destination, and rugby is a regional passion. Toulouse is known as the “Ville Rose” for its typical pink-brick buildings, many of which have signature pastel blue shutters.

Principal Industry Sectors 

Home to Airbus, Toulouse is France’s aeronautics and space capital. Defense equipment, electronics, and information and satellite technology are also among its principal economic activities. Agro-food industry and health and pharmaceuticals are also important areas of economic acticity and growth in the region. U.S. companies with a presence in the Toulouse District include United Technologies, Rockwell-Collins, Honeywell, Ratier-Figeac, Daher-SOCATA, Freescaleand IBM.

Business Organizations 

  • American Chamber of Commerce
  • Aerospace Valley

Sister City Relationships 

  • Toulouse- Atlanta, GA
  • Albi-Palo Alto, CA
  • Lourdes-Cheyenne, WY

Did You Know?
Toulouse is one of the major centers for the European aerospace industry.

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